As per the Association for Safe International Road Travel, as many as 1.3 million people on average die every year on in road accidents. That amounts to nearly 3,287 deaths per day. However, most car accident cases never actually go to court trial and are instead settled outside of court.
With numbers like these, it is amazing no one has built an autonomous vehicle yet. And with the way they drive in countries like Costa Rica all the way to Saudi Arabia (and even some folks in America!), it is amazing human beings have not come up with computer drivers yet after all.

Serious auto accident lawyers in Arlington, VA, and some of the best in the business can be found on which alleviates the stress that is sometimes experienced when trying to find reliable legal help, point out that plaintiffs and defendants prefer to settle their car accident case outside of court for several reasons.

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You do not want to be in this situation, on the road with an emergency team trying to revive you. If you survive though, it is time to make someone else pay and this is where needs to enter your life. If you do not survive, that is tragic for sure, but your family or friend/s need to use this site to enact legal revenge and to invoke justice. Click and call!

To begin with, a court trial is time consuming. There are a lot of procedures to be followed and especially in some complex auto accident cases court trials may go on for several years before coming to a conclusion.
Secondly, plaintiffs may require more immediate relief. The fact is that a victim or plaintiff who is injured in a car accident may not necessarily have the funds to pay for expensive medical treatment or repair bills and may require this treatment urgently. Therefore, waiting for a court trial to conclude will simply not be pragmatic in such a situation and an out of court settlement will offer a more instant solution and relief.
In addition, car accident cases which go to court trial can burn a hole through the pockets of both parties. Court fees, legal fees, and so forth will add up the longer a case goes on and can sometimes sum up to a very substantial amount, which is why out of court settlements are a much more inexpensive option.
Finally, both plaintiffs and defendants will have to allocate time out of their daily lives and schedules in order to show up diligently on scheduled court dates, whereas this problem will not arise with regards to an out of court settlement.
According to statistics released by Virginia, the Northern and Hampton Roads regions have consistently recorded the lowest traffic fatalities per 100,000 of the population, which in 2015 was 4.1 and 6.9, respectively. The Southside region registered the highest rate of fatalities with 24.4 per 100,000 of the population. What is going on there? Is human life valued much there? That is a massive difference!
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Distracted driving does not help anyone. Stop it!

The demand letter
So how do you initiate an out of court settlement? You may be approached by the defendants or your own auto insurance company who may initially offer you a settlement amount. Do not give them anything. They are not on your side. You need legal assistance pronto! Do not give them access to your medical records either. They are trying to undermine your case. If your case is worth $80,000 with a legal representative, they are going to offer you around $30,000, this is just an estimate and an example. The point is, you need an attorney and the conversation you have with this insurance agent should be a short one.
You need a legal counselor who will go ahead and draft a demand letter which will constitute all of the facts and details of the case.
The letter will be supported with relevant documentation such as medical bills, repair bills, and any other information along with a request for settlement of a certain amount (usually this amount needs to be a little overestimated so you have room for negotiations).
The negotiation process
It is pivotal to know what your claim is worth so you have a reference in your negotiations. A sterling Virginia accident lawyer will be able to represent you during negotiations and make sure you receive a fair deal or settlement. Reach out to an auto accident lawyer today. There is no reason to wait.

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