According to police reports, the incident occurred earlier this week in the early hours of the morning around 3:30 am. The crash occurred at the crossing of East Parmer Lane and Dessau Road. It was fatal and resulted in the death of one woman and four others sustained moderate to serious injuries.
As reported by KVUE, the crossing of East Parmer Lane and Dessau Road is situated in the Northeast sector of the city of Austin in Texas. The accused has been identified a 30-year old man named Herman Choc. He allegedly drove in the wrong direction on East Parmer Lane and hence crashed his Sports Utility Vehicle head on with another vehicle.
The impact of the collision caused his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) to tumble over and eventually come to a rest right in the middle of the busy roadway. While, Choc was incapacitated and his car stood in the middle of the roadway, another vehicle was caught off guard by its unexpected presence and crashed head on into Choc’s SUV.

The deceased has been identified as a 23-year old woman named Eleanor Bailey Lane-Brown and according to investigators she died on the spot immediately after the collision due to the sheer impact of the force. Her family should engage the site which has fantastic local accident attorneys waiting to make situations like this as right as they possibly can be.
Herman Choc was transported to a nearby hospital in a rush and is currently in the intensive care unit in critical condition. Choc also had a passenger, a 39-year old female who was also hurt seriously and suffers from a possible spinal rupture among other injuries including multiple fractures.
Choc was unresponsive when officers approached his vehicle, while at the hospital, his blood was tested for alcohol and it registered a blood alcohol content of 0.2 which is more than twice the maximum permissible legal limit for driving in Texas, according to Austin accident attorneys.
Choc faces serious multiple charges including intoxication manslaughter.
Worker sues employer after sustaining injuries following a fall from employer’s truck
The plaintiff or complainant has been identified as Adrian Weeks and his accident attorney has filed a lawsuit against his former employer, Lynn’s Landscaping, alleging that Weeks sustained injuries, economic and non-economic losses after he fell of a truck which was being operated by the defendant. The accident took place in June of last year. According to a SE Texas Record report, the lawsuit accuses Lynn’s landscaping of professional negligence, creating an unsafe work environment, not providing workers with the necessary safety equipment.
The plaintiff seeks damages in excess of $50,000.
A Street racing related death is followed by wrongful death lawsuit
According to, Christy Breece was sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was involved in a drag race when it crashed and killed her. She is survived by her father who has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Sutton’s estate and the alleged illegal street racers – O’Bryan Daniel Dominguez and Jacob Martinez. Supposedly, there is sufficient evidence to convict both men for homicide.
But did Breece have time to get out? Was she motivating the driver to race?

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