An auto accident which occurred on Interstate 495 in Lowell/Chelmsford is still under investigation after a man who was involved in the accident lost his life. The car accident occurred early in the morning on Interstate 495 in Lowell in the lanes travelling southwards.

As reported by, the deceased man has been identified as 39 year old Lawrence Perham who hailed from Bradford, Maine. These details were specified in the police report.


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Chelmsford Fire Chief Gary Ryan has confirmed that the Fire Department of Chelmsford responded to the accident at around 3:22 am. When they arrived at the scene of the car accident, they found that the man who was struck was already dead and a dog was also found dead on the highway. Another male who was also involved and injured in the car accident supposedly received treatment on scene prior to being transported to a nearby hospital.
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Witnesses say and a concurring report has also come in from a news source which claims that the man was travelling with his girlfriend and child when a dog got loose and the man attempted to corral the dog which had gotten loose when he was struck and killed along with the dog.
Wow, that is heroic but perhaps foolish. The dog could have perhaps survived without anyone’s help.
The lanes of the highway had been closed for several hours while law enforcement officers were investigating the car accident. The vehicle involved in the auto accident has been identified as a 2005 Ford Pickup truck driven by a 61 year old Chelmsford man who collided with Perham. The pedestrian was declared dead at the scene of the accident itself.
The investigation is still underway with the assistance from the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Services and Crime Scene Services. They are trying to determine why the pedestrian whose car had broken down in a nearby lane was in the travel part of the highway.
The driver who struck the pedestrian is said to be from the Chelmsford area and no charges have been filed against him.

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Four Lives Lost in Springfield Stolen Vehicle Accident
The fourth victim of a stolen car accident which occurred earlier in the week has now passed away. According to, the deceased are all from Massachusetts and were aged between 17 and 20. They were operating a vehicle which was reported stolen out of Connecticut and the car accident itself occurred in Springfield, Massachusetts.
A fifth person involved in the car accident is said to be in a critical condition. If he survives, he will be slapped with vehicular homicide charges. Good riddance!
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