In January of 2015, Benjamin Kausch was riding his bicycle along Highway 1. Little did he know that the ride would be his last. News 4 Jax reports that Kausch was struck by a car close to Stokes Landing Road, St. Augustine. St. Augustine, FL accident lawyers never get used to hearing about things like this.

The Kausch family has finally received justice after the St. Augustine police arrested a man in connection with Kausch’s death. Jay Alix has been charged with perjury and also for leaving the auto accident scene after causing Kausch’s death.

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The judge ordered Alix to cough up $25,000 as bail for the hit-and-run charge and another $1,500 for perjury.
Kausch worked as a chef at Kings Head British Pub when this tragedy occurred. His mother and brother stated that they were overcome by emotions when the police called and informed them about Alix’s arrest. They believe that this arrest can give them closure even though they know that the court case will last a while. However, they are relieved that finally the perpetrator will be held accountable for killing Kausch.
Some people believe the perpetrator should be in prison for at least 15 years, perhaps 20. Jay Alix needs to go away and society is happy justice should be served soon.
Car explodes, two people dead
In another news report published by News 104.5 WOKV, two people died in a burning car. St. Augustine, Florida accident lawyers are not sure what to make of this case.
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The St. Augustine Police Department is calling the deaths suspicious, after residents in the vicinity stated that they had heard an explosion just before they found the car burning.
The burning Dodge Journey was found at the corner of Spring Street and Fred Waters Way. It was only after firefighters and police arrived at the scene that they realized that it was more than a simple vehicular fire. They saw two people inside the burning car.
The police are trying to ascertain who the two dead individuals are, who is the owner of the car, how did the car fire begin, and whether the car was involved in a car accident that resulted in the fire. At the moment, efforts are on to identify the two victims. Could this be an organized crime hit? Some sort of message being sent? Hopefully we know soon.
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