The decedent has been identified in court documents as Philadelphia law enforcement officer Lamar Poole, as reported by Only a day before he was killed in a suspected hit and run accident, Lamar had boasted of his new motorcycle to fellow law enforcement officers belonging to the 12th Police District.
The motorcycle was a Honda VTX and according to his colleagues, he had excitedly told them about the modification that he was planning to make on the motorcycle.

Colleagues that had worked with Lamar only had good things to say about him when approached by media personnel for comment. They said he was a very outgoing person and added that he had a great personality and big heart. The marvelous accident lawyers on would use this to their advantage so the jury would even hit the killer even harder when deciding a sentence.
Crime law security service officer cop guarding street near police car with siren light
The incident occurred when Poole was on his off day and was riding his new motorcycle down Devereaux Street in Philadelphia when a suspected drunk driver ploughed into him. The driver supposedly stopped and saw the critically injured biker lying on the road and then sped away. Responders rushed Poole to a nearby hospital but attempts to resuscitate Poole were futile and Poole succumbed to his injuries shortly after he was brought in and was pronounced dead by medical professionals.
Philadelphia, PA accident lawyers are now smelling vengeance.
Louis John Vogwill will spend his 60s in prison
The suspect has been identified as 59 year old Louis John Vogwill, who has been slapped with involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle, and other drunken driving related charges.
According to investigators and eye witness reports, Vogwill was travelling in a westerly direction on Devereaux Street when he attempted to make a left turn onto Roosevelt Boulevard and ended up smashing into Officer Poole instead.
A tow truck driver that witnessed the accident put his own life on the line by chasing Vogwill and blocking his car from making an escape until officers could arrive on scene to apprehend him.
Car accident in Philadelphia kills one and lands another in jail
An accident that claimed the life of one person and injured another has subsequently sent the driver of the second car to jail for suspected driving under the influence, according to The victim’s family will not be hiring a Philadelphia, PA accident attorney for the civil suit and to see damages.
The accident occurred in northeast Philadelphia in the proximity of 3000 block of Woodhaven Road. Emergency medical technicians rushed to the scene and hurried the two injured persons to nearby medical facilities for treatment but one of them was not able to survive his injuries. He was pronounced dead in Aria Health in Torresdale. The suspect is a 26 year old man, but his identity is being withheld by authorities pending further investigations.
Auto accident laws in Philadelphia
Auto accident legislation in the state of Pennsylvania is complex. Hence, it is imperative for anyone involved in auto accident related litigation to hire an experienced Philadelphia accident lawyer to guide them through the intricate legal process. At the same time it is also important for all residents of Philadelphia to become familiar with some of the most basic of auto accident laws in place such as the no-fault rule and the statute of limitations.

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