Thieves in Oakland reached a new low when they stole from a 25 year old man after he was struck by a truck. Greg Lowrie was robbed of his wallet while he lay unconscious after his bicycle collided with a truck and he was thrown nearly 50 feet away. The perpetrators of the crime have not been apprehended, at least not yet. The thieves also made away with the wallet of the 81 year old truck driver that bumped into Lowrie.

This is California where just like jobs and businesses, morality has left too.
Recovering heroin addict recovers from a week long coma despite all odds
Greg Lowrie overcame all odds when he came out of a deep coma and spoke his first words. In what can be described as miraculous, Lowrie awoke a week after his collision and uttered his name and age. To his mother’s relief he was able to recognize her and even greeted her with a “hi mom”.
The hospital officials made a statement about how Lowrie’s coma came in at a shocking 3 on the Glasgow coma scale, which at the time wasn’t a good sign at all.
The man’s recovery has been made complicated by the fact that he had a pre-existing heart condition that required daily medication. According to Oakland accident attorneys, Lowrie was a recovering heroin addict and was actually cycling to a methadone clinic when the unfortunate crash occurred. The mother and son duo lost their home in Berkeley two years ago and now live in a recreational vehicle, they were in the process of slowly piecing their lives back together when the shocking accident occurred.
Cell phones responsible for thousands of collisions every year on Maine highways
Driving is a privilege and not a right. There are a number of laws to abide by while behind the wheel but soon there may be an additional law that bans us from using hand held cell phones while driving. Legislation already prevent us from things like texting while driving, drinking and driving and driving without wearing a seat belt, all of which accident attorneys are well aware of.
The truth of the matter is that these laws have reduced the number of accidents and fatalities, which goes to show that legislation has worked in these cases. However, many argue that the additional ban on cell phone usage may mean the end of modern life as we know it, they claim the ban will make it hard for realtors, sales people, and others to go about their businesses and that parents won’t be able to stay in touch with their children.
The proponents of the bill, legislators and accident attorneys disagree with this notion and suggest the use of inexpensive hands free equipment which will ensure the driver still has both hands available solely for controlling and steering the car while still being able to communicate on their cell phones. The bottom line is that the ban will save lives by preventing accidents and fatalities.
Hands free communication when driving is the safest method
According to Oakland accident attorneys, there are as many as 14 states in the country (and of course Maine is one of them) where such a rule is already in effect and it must be noted that in each case it has been undoubtedly effective in making the highways safer for everyone.
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