When someone is hurt on the job, there are laws governing personal injury lawsuits which will make the employer responsible. If the employer is the government, there are additional regulations that govern how those kinds of cases must proceed as well.
An accident in Manhattan involved department of transportation workers who were in the process of making road improvements on the Upper East Side.
Transportation worker is killed by truck backing up 
The men were engaged in a road repaving project when a truck backed into one worker standing on the street. The crew was working on East 88th Street in the middle of the night when one worked put the truck into reverse and struck the 44 year old victim. He was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital, but died from his injuries after arrival.

A witness from an apartment above the scene described the tense situation around the time of the collision. Many of the workers were arguing or yelling at each other and seemed to be distraught. Others nearby also claimed to hear someone telling the driver to stop in the moments before the accident.
Police believe based on the initial investigation that another worker who was telling the driver of the truck to back up and directing them did not see the victim in the area based on their angle of movement. The death has initially been ruled as an accident, but there will be an ongoing investigation and the department of transportation released a statement acknowledging the accident and the family’s loss.
Work related accidents
Accidents that happen on the job are treated differently by the law because the employer usually bears most of the responsibility. A lawsuit for monetary damages related to the worker’s death will attach the employer as well as the individual driver. This is done because the business will have special insurance or some other kind of financial means to cover the damages, while an individual worker usually will not. There is also a general tort law principle that employers are liable for accidents that occur while their employees are engaged in their normal job duties.
Lawsuits against the government
The employer in this situation is a government entity. This is handled differently than lawsuits against other employers because there are special rules for lawsuits against the government. New York, like all other states, has replaced the doctrine of sovereign immunity with rules for suing government agencies.
To start a case against the government in New York, your attorney will first have to file a notice of claim within one year that details the name of the victim and the nature and location of the accident. The local government is given thirty days to do their own investigation of the accident. Before this notice of claim is filed, it is important to give as much information as possible to the lawyer to provide evidence of negligence and damages that the government may not discover.
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