Some accidents can be severe and life changing, especially with possibility of permanent injuries or other problems such as brain damage. One of the best ways to get assistance after an accident is to contact an attorney to file a lawsuit for compensation related to these injuries, as they can be very expensive to treat.
In the Marietta area, local residents are concerned and asking the police for help after a string of accidents resulted in injuries and fatalities.
Driver and motorcyclist become victims in the same area
The first accident occurred on Cobb Parkway. A 71 year old male driving a Ford Focus suddenly drifted over into the oncoming traffic lanes. He drove into a large flatbed wrecker, and eventually died from his injuries. The driver of the wrecker only sustained minor injuries. Photos from the scene showed the entire front of the focus destroyed due to the impact.

The second accident was a collision between a car and a motorcycle on Fairground Street. The police did not release much information in the aftermath, but the motorcyclist needed to be transported to a local hospital with serious injuries that may prove to be fatal.
Both accidents caused major traffic delays in their respective areas as cleanup and rescue crews had to block parts of the roads while they worked. The Marietta Police Department issued a statement to all local drivers for the weekend. They asked everyone to slow down and pay attention while driving, especially in the Cobb Parkway area.
The two areas that Marietta Police are concerned about are Cobb Parkway near Airport Industrial Park Drive and the intersections of Fairground Street and Roswell Road. These spots have been the scene of several accidents.
Accidents and lawsuits
Most attorneys who focus on accidents and personal injury cases will file a negligence lawsuit after incidents such as the news story above. When someone dies, there is also another type of civil case called a wrongful death action that works in a similar way.
Wrongful death actions
When someone dies, even if they cannot file lawsuit against the person responsible on their own, the law allows certain family members to stand in their place. This is not a criminal case, but a family can file a civil wrongful death lawsuit for compensation whether criminal charges are filed related to the same incident or not.
Negligence cases
If someone is injured in a car accident, a negligence case can be filed regardless of the severity of the injuries. Negligence is the legal term for when someone is careless and causes harm to another person. The individual or business found to be at fault will have to pay all of the plaintiff’s expenses tied to the accident such as medical bills, lost wages, property repairs, and other costs. Personal injury attorneys specialize in these kinds of cases, and they can give more specific advice such as the chances of winning and the value of a particular accident.
Talk to a local accident attorney
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