We Can Help You With Maryland Accident Attorney Questions

At some point in time, you may have the misfortune of being in an accident at a private business, in the workplace or on the road. An accident, whether it was a dog bite, slip and fall or traffic accident can cause life-changing injuries and exorbitant medical costs. Anyone injured in an accident, depending on where the accident occurred, can file a personal injury claim or premises liability claim.

Common Types of Accidents in Maryland

Dog bite

Maryland changed dog bite laws in 2014, applying a strictly liable standard to dog owners. Under Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code Annotated Section 3-1901 states that an owner is “strictly liable” if their dog is “running at large.” That means a dog bite victim does not have to prove negligence to recover compensation for their medical care and

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall claims are a common type of premises liability cases. These types of accidents can be difficult to resolve because a business or homeowner places part of the blame for a slip and fall on the victim.

Traffic Accident

In 2015, over 500 people died in road accidents in Maryland and thousands were injured, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Victims of negligent drivers are eligible for compensation for their medical expenses, costs of their recovery and other accident-related damages.

Workplace accident

In most cases, victims of workplace accidents are covered by worker’s compensation, but some workplace victims don’t get the settlement they deserve or face challenges in getting the right amount of compensation.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

No matter the nature of your accident or where it occurred, you should get medical attention immediately. If you wait to get medical treatment, your injuries could worsen. If you file a personal injury claim, the responsible parties can argue that your injuries are not severe or the result of your crash because you didn’t get medical attention.

You can find contact information on some Maryland hospitals below:


University of Maryland Medical Center

22 S Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201

(410) 328-8667


Mercy Medical Center

345 St Paul Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202

(410) 332-9000



Holy Cross Germantown Hospital

19801 Observation Dr., Germantown, MD 20876

(301) 557-6000


Silver Springs:

Holy Cross Hospital

1500 Forest Glen Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 754-7000

After you get medical attention, you should contact an accident lawyer in Maryland to determine what steps you should take next to ensure you are fairly compensated for your pain and suffering.

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Maryland

If you need to file a personal injury claim for any of the types of accidents listed above you need to file your claim within three years of the date of your injury.

Claims against the government

Filing a claim against a municipal, state or federal agency is a complicated endeavor, so anyone who suffers an injury stemming from the negligence of a government employee. The state of Maryland’s regular personal injury statute applies in claims against the government, but the statute of limitations is much shorter.

To file a claim against the Maryland state government, an accident victim must notify the Maryland State Treasure within one year. If you want to submit a claim against a county or local government, you need to file your claim within one year of the date of your accident. When filing a claim against the federal government, you have two years to file your claim with the appropriate agency.

For more information about filing a claim against the government, visit the People’s Law Library of Maryland, an internet hub for legal information sponsored by the state judiciary.

Filing a claim against a governmental agency is fraught with challenges, so USAttorneys recommends you get legal representation. We can connect you with an accident attorney near your Maryland location to work on your accident claim and make sure you recover the full amount of compensation you deserve.