Massachusetts accident data shows that drivers experience serious losses each year

car crash

Boston, MA – Each state keeps some kind of detailed data related to motor vehicle accidents, along with their financial costs and other issues created by traffic and collisions. This is usually released annually in the jurisdiction. Many drivers experience these problems and the associated insurance coverage issues each year, and sometimes the losses are too large to be covered without legal help. There are lawyers who deal with personal injury law and motor vehicle accident issues that assist victims when it becomes apparent that a lawsuit is necessary.  

State department of transportation data

According to the state’s MassDOT agency, crashes involving injuries, property damage, and fatalities cost millions each year. Some crashes may involve only property losses, while others involve only injuries or a combination of factors, but all are very costly when combined. Property damage crashes  with no reported injuries to people are the most common, yet the cost of these situations still averages thousands of dollars of losses per accident. 

Accidents that involve pedestrians, bicycles, and other non-motor vehicles are also counted in these statistics, and the results can be just as devastating. 

The legal process following a collision

Drivers should carry some kind of auto insurance policy, and these losses are required to be reported to the provider. Some minor accidents may be able to be resolved through the claim process without many further issues. Car insurance is likely to be most helpful in cases where there is vehicle and property damage only. However, drivers and passengers who are injured and require medical treatment and time off from work should consider more extensive legal options. A civil lawsuit is the best option for a victim who needs to receive money for treatments and lost wages. 

Negligence cases and compensation

The main way that accident lawyers in Massachusetts get financial assistance for their clients is through a negligence lawsuit. These cases focus on the defendant’s breach of a relevant standard of care, along with causation of injuries and losses to the victims involved. The final element of the negligence lawsuit is damages, which helps the victim recover money for their medical expenses, continued care and losses, and any other problems that can be associated with the collision.  

Seeking legal advice to learn more

Accident victims who think that they may benefit from legal advice should schedule a consultation with a local attorney or firm in Boston or other parts of the state. Many offices will offer a free initial consultation to discuss the situation and provide basic advice. 

USAttorneys.com is a large directory that contains a listing of lawyers in each state, organized by the types of cases they handle. Potential clients can choose their location and the lawyer’s practice area to find a local office where they can learn more.