Massachusetts Accident Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers

Most Americans lead busy lives that keep them on the go constantly, traveling from home, to work, to school or the store. Whether you drive daily, walk or use public transportation, there is a chance that you will be in an accident at some point in time. It can happen in place of business, on the road or in the workplace. No matter where your accident occurred if someone’s negligence caused it, you are entitled to compensation for your related costs and pain and anguish.

Traffic accidents in Massachusetts

Traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence in Massachusetts. In 2015, over 300 people died in road accidents in the Bay State, and thousands more were injured. A traffic accident can inundate victims with costly bills and plunge their financial well-being into chaos.

Massachusetts has no-fault car insurance rules, so traffic accident claims are handled differently than other types of personal injury cases. That is why it is your best interest to consult with an accident lawyer before accepting a settlement.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can occur just about anywhere. You can slip on an icy sidewalk in front of business, or on a wet floor inside a shop. Broken bones and neck and back injuries are common in slip and fall accidents. Such injuries can leave a victim with debilitating and costly injuries and recovering compensation can be difficult. That is because the negligent parties will try to shift some of the blame on you. You can avoid this pitfall by getting legal assistance immediately.

Workplace Accidents

Accidents in the workplace can leave an employee with severe injuries, the costs of which can add up quickly. Most injuries and accident-associated costs are covered by Massachusetts’ workers’ compensation fund. However, if your claim is denied or your receive less than you deserve, you can appeal.

If you need to file a worker’s compensation claim, you need to submit a claim with Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development and submit a formal complaint with the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA). You can find the agency online at or visit a local office.

DIA Boston Office

1 Congress Street, Suite 100

Boston, MA 02114



DIA Worcester Office

340 Main Street, Suite 370

Worcester, MA 01608



Liability for Accidents in Massachusetts

Whether you are seeking compensation for a slip and fall, a traffic accident or another type of accident, you must prove liability before you can recover compensation. Proving liability can be difficult, so USAttorneys recommends you retain an accident lawyer in Massachusetts. They can investigate your accident and gather the evidence needed to assign responsibility.

In some cases, especially those involving road accidents or slip and fall accidents, the issue of shared liability or shared fault is likely to arise. Massachusetts uses comparative fault standard. Under that standard, if you take some blame for an accident, you will be assigned a percentage of the liability which is determined by your actions. For example, if you are not wearing a seatbelt when you are in a car crash, you could be assigned 10 percent of the blame. That percentage is then deducted from your final settlement.

Contact an Accident Attorney in Massachusetts

The first and foremost thing you need to do following an accident is to get medical assistance if you are hurt. You can find a local hospital for immediate care here:

After you get medical attention, you need advice on how to proceed with your case. Regardless of where your accident occurred, you will benefit from having legal assistance. An attorney who is well-versed in Massachusetts’ personal injury laws has the knowledge and skills needed to get you a generous settlement amount for your accident. USAttorneys can help you locate a dedicated lawyer near you to work on your accident claim.