Medication Accidents
If a nurse or doctor accidentally prescribed the wrong medication to you or your loved one and they were injured as a result of the mistake, you should be aware that you do hold the right to take legal action.
Hospitals are the place we go when we are sick, have an emergency, or are in need a medical evaluation after an accident. We trust our doctors and nurses working in the Massachusetts hospitals to make the right decisions regarding our health that will keep us harm free. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do occur in hospitals, one of them involving medications.
Some common types of medication errors our Lowell, MA accident attorneys have seen include:

  • Being prescribed the wrong medicine.
  • Receiving medication that you are allergic to.
  • You are given too much of a dosage of medicine than your body is physically able to handle.
  • The doctor gives you too little of a type of medication that isn’t suitable to treat your condition which causes it to worsen.

There are many reasons why accidents with medications occur and some of these include:

  1. Staff shortages- This generally happens when there are less workers available to tend to patients and more of them rushing around to get things done. Medication errors can easily occur in a setting where nurses and other hospital staff are bogged down and required to take on more responsibility than they are equipped to handle.
  2. Undertrained staff- Doctors and nurses are both required to go through extensive training and receive certain types of instruction before they can work in a hospital setting. Sadly, some still aren’t qualified to handle this type of work which can lead to mistakes occurring and people getting hurt as a result.


Here is what could happen when medication isn’t properly administered to a patient.

A nine-year old who was injured during a soccer game was admitted into the hospital after she shattered her elbow. She was required to go through with a three-hour surgery and when she came out, she quickly began recovering. She was doing so well that the doctor said she could come off the morphine pump she was on. While the hospital staff thought they turned the pump off, they actually turned it up increasing the dosage that was going into the child’s body. Luckily, her mother stayed with her in the hospital that night and noticed her daughter was barely breathing when she checked her.
Had the child’s mother not woken up in the middle of the night to check on her daughter, she likely wouldn’t have survived. Although this particular case resulted in the patient staying alive, not all are as lucky as her.
Source [FDA].
If you or a family member was harmed or lost their life because of a medication accident in any of the following hospitals located in Lowell, Massachusetts, please contact us so we can place you in touch with a Lowell accident lawyer who can help. Proving negligence is what led to the accident occurring is going to be a difficult task to accomplish so you aren’t going to want to try and take it on alone. Our accident and injury lawyers in Lowell, MA who specialize in medical malpractice are aware of how to proceed with filing a lawsuit against the hospital and are ready to help you and your family.

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