Hit and Run Accidents in Lynn, MA
Hit and run accident victims often experience several different emotions after engaging in a crash. Many feel shocked, frustrated, and maybe even angry to name a few as they feel they won’t have their repairs compensated for. After all, with no driver around to claim the blame, who is responsible for covering these damages that have just arisen out of your hit and run accident?
This is a question many accident victims wonder about and USAttorneys.com is here to provide you with some relevant information regarding hit and run accidents. We also encourage you to call upon one of our reliable accident lawyers in Lynn, MA. They can guide you through the insurance claims process to ensure your claim is not only handled fairly but that it gets paid.

How to handle a hit and run accident?

If you are the victim of a hit and run, which means a driver hit you or your vehicle and intentionally fled the scene without providing contact information, then you are going to want to try and collect as more information as possible yourself. Some things to take note of after being hit by a driver who left the scene of an accident include:

  • The make, model, and color of the vehicle they were driving.
  • The license plate number if possible.
  • When and where the accident occurred.
  • The time of the incident.

Some other things drivers should do after becoming the victim of a hit and run accident includes:

  1. Speak with any witnesses and write down their contact information as a statement from them may be able to help you out later on.
  2. Take photos of the damage as well as the entire accident scene.
  3. Call the police and report the accident. Many insurance companies question a driver’s intentions when they receive a claim for a hit and run accident as there are some individuals who intentionally get into an accident just so they can receive an insurance payout. If you file a police report, it helps to prove you weren’t the cause of the accident and you truly were involved in a hit and run accident.

You can obtain a copy of your police report by going to the Lynn Police Department located at:
300 Washington Street
Lynn, Massachusetts 01902

Will my insurance cover a hit and run accident?

In most cases, a drivers uninsured motorist coverage will likely cover their damages if they were involved in a hit and run accident and the at-fault driver cannot be identified. The limits for what your insurer will pay out depends on your particular coverage as well as what the damage is estimated to be.
If you need help with getting a claim filed or your insurance carrier isn’t providing you the appropriate amount of compensation, our accident attorneys in Lynn, MA are available to help you. Insurance companies can sometimes make the claims process much more difficult to deal with or delay in getting your claim filed. To get connected with a local accident lawyer in Lynn, Massachusetts now, give us a call here at USAttorneys.com and an agent will begin working with you.