Accident Claims Against the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts
If you were involved in an accident in the City of New Bedford that resulted in damage and/or injuries to you or a loved one and you are looking to hold the city accountable, there is a process you must follow to do so. Accidents that resulted from a defect in the roadway or sidewalk, pothole, or one that involved a vehicle that is owned or leased by the city are all qualifying matters that permit you to file a claim against the city.
If you are unsure as to whether your recent accident that occurred in the City of New Bedford, MA was caused by the negligence of the city, it would be best if you consulted with one of our accident lawyers in New Bedford, MA before initiating the claims process. Our qualified and skilled accident and injury lawyers can provide you with all there is to know regarding filing a damage and/or injury claim against the city.

How do I file a claim against the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts?

In order to file a claim against the City of New Bedford, MA for a recent accident that has caused you to suffer from an injury or damage to your property, you will need to complete the Notice of Claim Form and you want to be sure you include the following information with your claim:

  • A detailed explanation of the damages or injuries you suffered.
  • The exact location of where the incident occurred.
  • The date of the incident.

Some other items that need to be submitted with your claim include:

  1. An itemized statement of the damages and/or receipts if there are any. For instance, if you had to have your vehicle repaired and either your insurance or you paid out of pocket, be sure to include the receipts for the work that was done.
  2. A copy of the Police Report.
  3. A copy of any medical bills accrued for personal injuries. Some accidents require that you seek immediate medical attention and these expenses should be compensated in the event the city is responsible for causing your accident to transpire.

The form can be hand delivered or mailed to the following address:
Mayor’s Office
133 William Street Room 311
New Bedford, MA 02740
ATTN: Claims Division

How long do I have to file my accident claim against the City of New Bedford?

If your claim is for a sidewalk, roadway, or pothole accident, you must file your claim along with the corresponding documents within 30 days from the date the incident occurred. If your accident involved a city-owned or leased vehicle or personal injuries resulted from the incident, you have two years from the date of the accident to get your claim filed with the city. This timeframe is often referred to as the statute of limitations.
If you have any questions regarding your claim, you can contact the City Solicitor’s Office at 508-979-1460.

Do I need to hire an accident lawyer in New Bedford, MA?

Accident lawyers don’t only provide services during litigation, but they can coach and prepare you for your own legal battles you encounter. In this case, you may or may not need the representation our lawyers have to offer, but you can certainly benefit from the advice and information they can provide.
Our MA accident attorneys offer free consultations to potential clients so you have the opportunity to decide whether you need support from one of our legal representatives.