The role of an auto insurer is to cover expenses that arise from an accident whether it involved another driver or not. In the state of Massachusetts, your own insurance company generally will pay for the damage done whether it was to you and/or your vehicle. The personal injury protection (PIP), which is one section of your policy, is where you are going to get the coverage from for your medical bills and loss wages and you may also be entitled to submit some of the accrued bills to your health insurance company.
While PIP will usually cover up to $8,000 for your injuries and loss wages, your health insurer might cover certain amounts for medical bills that exceed $2,000. Should they deny this, your PIP might pick up the additional $2,000 for the medical bills you need coverage for. You are going to want to check with an insurance agent to clarify this as everyone’s policy is different and you may not have purchased the type of coverage that allows you to file any claims through your health insurance company.

Can I file a personal injury lawsuit for a car accident I was in?

Now, while most accidents are handled through your insurer, sometimes, too much damage has been caused and you might be seeking additional compensation for harsher injuries. For instance, you may be permitted to file a personal injury lawsuit after an auto accident if you or someone who was with you suffered from:

  • A broken or fractured a bone
  • The accident has resulted in a permanent disability.
  • You or another person involved experienced a permanent hearing loss.
  • Your medical expenses have exceeded $2,000 and you have no way of obtaining the remaining amount without filing a lawsuit.
  • The accident resulted in a death.
  • Someone suffered from a permanent or serious disfigurement.

You can speak with one of our experienced Worcester, Massachusetts accident attorneys to learn more about what might qualify you to file a personal injury lawsuit and how you can go about doing so.

Why should I file a personal injury lawsuit for an auto accident immediately?

While every state has a statute of limitations for different kinds of lawsuits including personal injury, it is always better to bring your issue forward after it happens. This not only will help you to recover more after an accident but the other party cannot use the time factor against you and accuse you of getting hurt elsewhere and then blaming that injury on the accident. With the help from one of our skilled Worcester, MA accident lawyers, you could have your lawsuit filed quickly and you won’t have the burden of doing it on your own.
Personal injury lawsuits have a tendency to take a significant period of time before any damages are awarded, therefore you are going to want to act fast. To get you in the right direction and get all your questions answered, simply give us a call here at and an agent will begin working with you to find an accident attorney in the city of Worcester who is closest to you.