How Can I Maximize Accident Settlement Negotiations? New Jersey Attorney Discusses

Newark, NJ- Being in a traffic accident is a risk every New Jersey motorist faces when they head out every day. It’s the risk of driving and doesn’t always end in tragedy. But when it does, the results can be shattering for the victim or victims. Their lives can be turned upside down in many ways—physically, emotionally and financially—and they deserve compensation from the party or parties who caused the pain and upheaval in their lives.
The vast majority of personal injury claims whether they arise out of a car accident, a truck accident or medical malpractice, are resolved through negotiations. It’s just more cost efficient for both sides so accident victims need to know what they can do to maximize their settlement negotiations.
Be prepared
Alexander Graham Bell said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” That rings true for many things in life and it’s true in New Jersey personal injury cases. When you are able to yourself, or if you are able to enlist someone to help, you must gather all your accident-related documents. Any medical bills, the accident report, witness contact information and photos need to be gathered and taken to your first meeting with an insurer.
USAttorneys recommends you enlist an accident lawyer in Newark, New Jersey to represent you and assist with settlement negotiations, whether you were in a car or commercial truck accident.
If you decide to retain an attorney, settlement negotiations begin after they send a demand letter to an insurer. This letter outlines the amount and types of compensation you are seeking and details the negligent actions of the person you are suing. This serves as a springboard for the negotiation process and demonstrates why you deserve the compensation you are seeking.
Be honest with your attorney
One thing that will undoubtedly come up in settlement negotiations is the role you might have played in the accident. Some cases are clearly the fault of one party but sometimes the victim is partly to blame for their accident or the seriousness of your injuries. Say for instance you were not wearing your seat belt at the time of a crash and that oversight made your injuries worse. The at-fault party’s insurer could argue that your injuries would not have been as serious if you were wearing your seat belt. This can significantly reduce your settlement because you were violating the law. You need someone on your side who can counter those arguments and ensure you get the full settlement you deserve.
The point being, tell your counsel every detail about your accident even if you were in somehow negligent no matter how negligible you think your actions were. This way they can be prepared in case an insurer blames accuses you of being negligent.
Know the value of your injuries
There is no way for you or your attorney to tell you the exact amount you will ultimately receive for your injuries. Not knowing the value of your injuries could jeopardize your final settlement because you aimed to high or too low. Cars Direct recommends you ask for at least 25 percent of the total financial costs of your accident, but you can ask for more depending on the circumstances of your accident and the extent of your injuries.
If you ask for too little you may not get all the compensation you need to pay for your accident-related costs. If you aim to high, an insurer may not take your claim or your demands seriously. Having an accident lawyer in New Jersey represent you will keep you from jeopardizing your claim and ensure you are prepared for the process.

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