McAllen Texas – DUI Crash Kills One

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McALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — In a heartbreaking turn of events, a Penitas resident’s ill-fated decision to consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel resulted in a tragic accident, claiming the life of one individual and leaving another injured. Recent court documents have shed light on the incident, revealing the consequences of driving under the influence.


The individual responsible for this devastating incident, Roberto Bolanos Vasquez, now faces the weight of the law as he stands accused of intoxication manslaughter, as per the records of Hidalgo County. The incident took place at the intersection of State Highway 107 and Ware Road in the early hours of Monday, May 29.


As the clock struck 3:11 a.m., an officer promptly responded to the scene, greeted by a chilling sight. A silver Ford Fusion was motionless in the middle lane, while a blue Mazda X9 occupied the intersection’s eastbound lane. However, it was the badly damaged red Chevrolet Cobalt, located off the roadway on the southeast corner of the intersection, that bore witness to the tragedy that had unfolded.


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