McKinney Texas – Firefighter Involved in Severe Accident

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In a devastating incident, a brave McKinney firefighter’s life hangs in the balance following a severe off-duty collision. McKinney Fire Capt. James Graham now battles for survival, with his loved ones and firefighting comrades standing by his side at a local hospital, as reported by the McKinney Fire Facebook page.


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Captain Graham, a seasoned member of the McKinney Fire Department since 1999 and promoted to the esteemed rank of Captain in 2016, has played a vital role within the department’s Special Operations group. Notably, he has contributed extensively to nationwide extrication training and serves as an esteemed instructor at the prestigious Collin College Fire Academy. Additionally, Graham’s dedication extends to his membership in the esteemed Texas Task Force 2, lending his expertise to urban search and rescue missions.


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