New London, CT – The largest costs that most victims of severe accidents have to deal with are related to their medical treatment and recovery. In some cases, much of this treatment may not be covered by either auto insurance or health insurance. A personal injury lawsuit is the only realistic option for someone in this situation to receive the amount of financial help necessary to cover both short and long term medical treatment. 

Immediately after the collision

Emergency services and hospitalization are not cheap. An ambulance ride of a few miles can cost hundreds of dollars alone in certain municipalities. The bills associated with staying in an emergency room and being examined for an hour or two can often reach the tens of thousands of dollars. Anyone who has had a sudden medical emergency knows that the costs can be very large, even for minor injuries and associated treatments.  

Long term injuries

A specialist or physical therapist may have to help the victim recover for months or years afterward. This obviously increases the costs associated with the collision even more. In very severe cases, the victim can require constant monitoring and care, even with basic tasks such as moving and eating. These types of injuries will affect the victim’s ability to work and earn wages as well. 

Argument for damages

The main way that an accident attorney recovers these costs for their client is by filing a negligence lawsuit. This kind of civil case says that the person or business responsible for the accident breached the standard duty of care on the roads and caused an accident. The final element of the negligence case is damages, which are the costs associated with both economic and non-economic losses. Medical treatment and later problems can become a part of both economic damages and non-economic losses related to pain and suffering. 

The physical pain that a person may experience afterward, along with continued trauma and a reduction in quality of life all become a part of non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Economic damages are more concrete, and they can be shown through things like bills and invoices from hospitals, doctors, and other medical professionals. The attorney for the plaintiff can add up all of these costs and argue that the defendant is responsible.  

Consulting with an accident attorney after a collision

When someone has been involved in an accident in New London or nearby parts of Connecticut, it is important for them to get legal help as soon as possible. Holth and Kollman is an experienced firm that handles these situations for local clients by providing legal advice and specific guidance. 

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