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Fatal Vehicular Accident in Merrick Results in Death of Pedestrian

The Homicide Squad has released details of a tragic vehicular accident that took place on Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 12:14 a.m. in Merrick, leading to the death of a male pedestrian.

According to detectives, a 19-year-old female was driving her black 2020 BMW eastbound on Sunrise Highway, near the intersection with Fox Boulevard. She struck a then-unknown male pedestrian who was lying in the right lane.

Victim Identified

The male victim was quickly transported to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. He has now been identified as Brandon Fortune, 34. The female driver remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities.

Detectives have requested that any family members or friends of the deceased victim contact the Homicide Squad at 516-573-7788. This could assist in the ongoing investigation.

Investigation Continues

As investigators continue to piece together the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, questions about how and why the victim was lying on the road remain unanswered. Authorities are urging any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

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The accident in Merrick stands as a bleak reminder of the unpredictable nature of road travel and the importance of vigilance behind the wheel. As the community mourns the loss of Brandon Fortune, the investigation into this incident continues. For those who may be affected by similar tragedies in the future, Merrick, New York accident attorneys at USAttorney.com remain ready and committed to providing expert legal counsel and support in what can be a complex and trying time.