Accidente Automovilístico en Las Vegas, NV

Some reckless drivers cause severe property damage and injuries when breaching their duty of care on the roads. They can be sued in a civil court as well as face criminal charges in some of these cases. Victims should try to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to help their chances of winning a related lawsuit. 

A car crashed through the front window of a liquor store in Miami-Dade County in the city of Hialeah on a Thursday night.

Driver goes through glass at liquor store, then tries to get away

Police responded to the area to find that the silver Nissan car was still in the front of the retail space with shattered glass all around. They went to the storefront on 4126 W. 16th Ave in Hialeah and found that the driver had jumped out of the car and left the scene on foot just before their arrival. A short time later, law enforcement confirmed that they were able to catch the suspect a few blocks away from the accident scene. No one appeared to be seriously injured from the collision or inside of the store. 

Hialeah is a city just northwest of the city of Miami in the suburban part of the same county. 

Paying for damage caused by a careless driver

When someone is at fault for causing any kind of motor vehicle accident, they must pay for injuries, property damage, and all other types of harm that result from their actions. Victims have a legal right to file a civil lawsuit to be paid for these losses. 

These types of cases are normally filed as negligence actions, which means that the driver was not careful enough while on the roads and caused some kind of serious harm to others. The amount of money that is available to victims is usually relative to the amount of damage caused by the defendant’s actions. 

Leaving the scene of an accident

It is illegal to leave the scene of any car accident in Florida. Drivers who do so will be charged with a criminal misdemeanor regardless of the type of accident. When property damage or serious injuries are involved, there may be more significant penalties.

Regardless of what happens with the criminal case, leaving the scene of an accident can be used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit. This does not necessarily mean that the defendant will lose the case, but it can be very beneficial for a plaintiff to have this kind of evidence on their side. 

Get help after an accident

There are lawyers who practice in Miami and serve clients in nearby parts of South Florida. To learn more about getting representation and filing a civil case, contact Orlando R. Murillo, P.A.