Miami, Florida, Two Construction Workers Impaled by Steel Bars at Brickell Construction Site After Equipment Malfunction

As construction workers were performing their duties at an officer tower project in Brickell, first responders say a heavy load of rebar came loose while it was being raised from the ground to a higher floor [Source: Miami Herald]. The bundle of metal bars fell on top of six construction workers, causing several to become trapped. While three of the workers managed to free themselves from the materials that came loose, two of the workers who were trapped under the rubble were impaled by the bars in their upper body, according to Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Pete Sanchez.

After emergency crews arrived, they had to use large tools to cut through the steel in order to free the impaled workers. Those two workers were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center along with the three others that had suffered injuries. Only one worker who was involved in the construction accident did not require hospitalization, according to the news source.

Sanchez said the incident occurred around noon on Wednesday and that no others on the ground outside the construction site suffered injuries. 

After the construction accident occurred, several parties including the City of Miami building department and the engineer, arrived at the scene to determine what caused the equipment to malfunction. Civic Construction released a statement later that same day acknowledging that five workers had suffered injuries and were “alert and conscious” at the hospital and that the sixth employee was treated and released at the accident scene. The names of the workers were not released as of Wednesday evening.

The Miami Herald says the tower is being developed by the OKO Group and Cain International and will have 57 floors and stand 724 feet tall. Once complete, the office tower will be the second tallest building in the city and is “one of the first office towers [to be] built in Miami in a decade.”


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