In 2015, 21 workplace fatalities occurred in the state of Michigan leaving many families devastated and struggling to pick up the pieces to their once put together life without their loved ones. Workplace accidents occur in various ways and happen for many different reasons.
Some factors that contribute to workplace accidents include:

  • Fatigued workers
  • Lack of training
  • Missing or improper use of safety equipment
  • Equipment malfunctions

It’s unfortunate when we lose someone so close to us who was simply trying to make a living for themselves and their family. And while the state of Michigan has stringent laws protecting employers from victims and their families who wish to file a claim, there are death benefits that are available to be collected for those who have been negatively implicated from a work-related accident.
Did you lose a loved one in a work accident that turned fatal? Have you looked into receiving the benefits you are entitled to? If you aren’t sure you are receiving a fair amount or the proper benefits you are entitled to, we have accident lawyers working in Grand Rapids, Michigan who are available to provide you with legal advice and aid.

Why is it harder for Michigan workers to file a claim against their employer for a work-related accident?

There is something called the Workers Compensation Disability Act that was established back in 1969 that “prevents negligence claims against employers and coworkers across the country, in exchange for providing benefits to workers or their families in the case of injury or death” according to Aside from that, some other struggles that arise include:

  • An investigation of the accident must be conducted which puts a time constraint on you filing a claim on behalf of the deceased. Some claims can take three to four months while others might take longer.
  • Even if legal action is taken against a third party, perhaps the manufacturer of the equipment in which the accident occurred on, because of the strict laws, it is going to be a struggle to win that case.

Because work-related accidents present various hurdles that might be too difficult to overcome alone, we would like to offer you our free assistance in finding a reputable accident lawyer working in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our accident and injury attorneys are compassionate to their client’s feelings and willing to address the concerns you have. is available to take your call now and can help you get paired up with a Grand Rapids accident attorney closest to you who can begin getting you on the right track with your work-related accident claim.

What can employers do to help prevent work accidents?

There are many efforts an employer can make to help provide a safe and hazard free work environment including participating in the Take a Stand Day. This is an annual event that allows companies to sign up for an inspection without the risk of being cited. The Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MOISHA) offers this opportunity for employers located in the state of Michigan.