Why would my insurance company deny my claim after an accident?
After engaging in an auto accident, it is likely that you called your insurance company up and notified them that you’ve been involved in a wreck. Even if it was a fender bender, you are probably looking toward your insurance carrier to pay for the damages to relieve you of having to do so. You submit your claim and the required documentation your agent informs you to file and after some time you receive a denial notice. Your auto accident claim was denied? But why? What on earth could have caused this to happen?
Well, accident attorneys in Warren, Michigan have seen this time and time again and while there are some legitimate reasons for why it was denied, other times, a mistake was made.  In order to help you determine why your claim was denied, there are few thing you might want to consider that may or may not apply to you. And in the event none do, perhaps speaking with a skilled accident attorney in Warren, Michigan would be the next best thing to do.

  1. Your coverage isn’t active. Life keeps us busy and sometimes we overlook the fact that our auto insurance policy has expired and we failed to renew it. If this is the case, your insurance carrier has a valid reason for denying your accident claim.


  1. You weren’t listed on the insurance policy or covered under the owner’s current protection.


  1. You purchased a new vehicle and failed to report it to the insurance carrier you are purchasing coverage through. Although this is a rare occurrence as most dealerships require proof of your coverage, it does happen. And as excited as you might be with your new mode of transportation, it is understandable that one would forget to call their insurance company and notify them of their new vehicle. However, this can become a problem if you were involved in an accident in Warren, Michigan. You might find that your insurance carrier is standing firm on denying your claim which would then require you to come out of pocket to cover the cost of repairs.


  1. The insurance adjuster overseeing your claim made a mistake.

Accident lawyers always recommend you look through the denial notice and read exactly why your claim was denied. You should be cognizant of the fact that insurance adjusters are human too which means they are liable to make a mistake. Not always will this be the case, however, you should always double check as they may be claiming you don’t have the appropriate coverage but your policy states otherwise.

Still struggling with your insurance carrier regarding a recently filed accident claim? Do you live in Warren, Michigan?

If you aren’t able to resolve your issue with your insurance carrier or that of the at-fault driver, schedule your free consultation with one of our accident attorneys in Warren, MI now and so you can explain your current situation. They will be able to provide you with advice and guide you on what needs to be done going forward.