Individuals suffer personal injuries daily across the United States. When the injuries are caused by the negligence of another individual, that person can be held legally accountable. When it comes to personal injury claims, the more severe the injuries are, the more a person will be allowed to claim. Also, if the guilty party was grossly negligent and they purposefully caused a lot of harm to the victim, then a person may be able to go a step further and claim punitive damages on top of their economic and non-economic damages.

Some examples in which personal injury claims can be made include:

  • Car accident injuries
  • Slip and fall accident injuries
  • Injuries caused by medical malpractice
  • Injuries caused by product malfunction

Whether a person suffered from minor bruising or faced a life-altering injury, they may be eligible to file a claim. Anyone who finds themselves in such a situation where they are harmed at the hands of another person should make sure they connect with a lawyer who can represent them and help them file their claim.

How much time does an injury victim have to file a claim in Minneapolis, MN

From the date of the accident, a person only has two years to file a civil lawsuit. If they fail to file a personal injury claim in time, then the court will likely dismiss a person’s case and they will lose their entitlement to the settlement that they should have originally received.

No time should be wasted after a person gets hurt at the hands of another. Hiring an attorney right away will ensure that a person receives the settlement they deserve while focusing on objectivity and not getting distracted by emotions and feelings. An attorney will help a person through their case by first listening to their side of the story, and then ask several questions to help with the case.

Examples of questions that a personal injury lawyer may ask their client include:

  • Are there any medical records concerning the injury?
  • Is there any collected evidence available?
  • Were any witnesses present when the accident occurred?

A lawyer will help a person obtain a fair settlement amount within a short period of time by ensuring that all the legal details are dealt with as soon as possible.

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