Minneapolis, MN – Drivers can be affected by a motor vehicle accident in any city in Minnesota or anywhere else in the country. Some accidents only cause minor inconveniences and property damage, but others are life changing and require victims to navigate a complex web of insurance issues, healthcare costs, and lawsuits. Fortunately, there are some lawyers who focus on helping victims through these issues while ensuring that their rights are protected. 

The process at the scene

Drivers should contact local law enforcement and their insurance company shortly after the collision once it is safe to do so. They also need to exchange information with the other drivers at the scene. Stopping to make contact at the scene is required by law and all commercial insurance policies. An added benefit of contacting the police is that they will begin the process to investigate the crash and generate an accident report. In some cases, this report and the opinions of the police officers at the scene can become important pieces of evidence at a deposition or trial. 

Dealing with insurance companies

Insurance companies may or may not choose to pay a claim based on the damage and injuries specific to the collision. They may also decide to raise a driver’s rates the next time they have to renew their policy. It is essentially at the discretion of each individual provider to handle the situation through paying out claims or settling the issues with the other drivers and insurance companies involved. Keep in mind that these are private sector businesses, and they are not obligated to act in a certain way aside from following basic insurance regulations in the state.

Civil lawsuits and accident cases

The most effective way for victims of serious accidents to get payment is to bring a lawsuit in the civil courts with the help of a lawyer who deals with collision cases regularly. If the treatment for the victim’s injuries and lost wages both add up to a substantial amount, the plaintiff’s lawyer can ask for thousands or millions of dollars worth of damages from the defendant to cover these costs. Insurance policies will generally be limited to much smaller amounts. The attorney essentially has to show that the driver that caused the accident was negligent by breaching their standard duty of care on the roads in order to collect. This can include using evidence such as traffic citations and improper behavior right before the collision. 

Learning more about accident lawsuits and legal remedies

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