Government Agencies in Bloomington, Minnesota
Aside from the help our Bloomington, MN accident lawyers can provide victims of unfortunate events, there is a great deal of help from government agencies available to you. It is all about knowing who to contact and the services they can provide you with. If you were recently involved in an accident in the city of Bloomington, Minnesota, you may want to take advantage of the help these government agencies can provide you with based on the type of accident you were involved in.

  1. Workers’ Compensation- Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

If you were involved in a work accident in Bloomington, MN or lost a loved one who was killed in an incident that transpired at their place of employment, the Division of Workers’ Compensation can provide you with information on things like:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits and who qualifies for them
  • Death benefits
  • Disputes
  • Denied claims
  • Forms and which ones are necessary for your type of work accident
  • The laws that apply to you and your employer
  • The claims process

If you have a question relating to workers’ compensation in Minnesota, you can call the workers’ compensation hotline at 1-800-342-5354, and press #3. If you are struggling with an issue and want to reach an Alternative Dispute Resolution specialist, you can 651-284-5005. The specialists working here can provide you with general information and help prevent disputes from developing.
If you are looking to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer but need more information, can find you a local accident attorney in Bloomington, Minnesota who can supply you with all the information regarding this.

  1. Hennepin County District Court

If you weren’t involved in a work accident but are looking to file a claim against a party who either caused you to suffer an injury or damaged your property, you may be able to file a claim in small claims court if the claim is worth $15,00 or less unlike most states that limit your claim to $10,000. You can browse the district court site to learn more about filing fees, court rules, and when the court hearings are generally held.
The Civil Court where your case would be heard is located at:
Hennepin Co. Govt. Center
300 South 6th Street, Rm. #C-332
Minneapolis, MN 55487
Fax- 612-348-2131

  1. The City of Bloomington, Minnesota

If your vehicle was damaged or you sustained an injury and you believe the City of Bloomington, MN is responsible for these damages, you can file a claim against the city. You will need to submit the claim form which can be accessed by clicking here and mailing it to the following address:
City Clerk, City of Bloomington
1800 W. Old Shakopee Road
Bloomington MN 55431-3027
Phone- 952-563-8740
Each of these government entities has a timeframe for you to get your claim filed so it is best you consult with a Bloomington accident lawyer to ensure you are meeting this deadline requirement. To get paired up with a nearby lawyer now, contact us here at We are committed to helping you find the best legal representatives in the field.