Accident Attorneys in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the steps you can take after your accident

What steps should I take to recover accident compensation?
An accident, whether it is a traffic crash, an accident in the workplace, or a result of medical negligence, can have a dramatic impact on the victim. They often face catastrophic injuries which lead to exorbitant medical costs, and they could have trouble recovering those expenses if they don’t take the right steps after their accident.
After Your Accident in Minneapolis
At the Scene
There are several steps you can take after your accident to ensure you resolve your accident claim by recovering the best settlement possible. Some of those steps should be taken at the scene, and others can handle when you get out of the hospital or are feeling better.
Steps you should take at the scene of a bicycle, car, pedestrian or truck accident if you aren’t taken away for emergency medical treatment:

  • Get contact information from the at-fault party.
  • Snap photos of the scene and damage to your vehicle.
  • Speak with witnesses and get their contact information.
  • Report the accident to police.

If you were injured in the workplace, you need report your injury to your employer and seek immediate medical attention. Unless a workplace accident is deadly, police will not be contacted, so your employers are responsible for making a report. If you believe your employer was negligent, you should get photos of where the accident occurred and gather contact information from any potential witnesses.
Many of the steps listed above also apply if you are harmed in a slip and fall or have another premises liability claim. When an accident occurs on private property, there is no need to all police unless an assault was involved or the accident was fatal.
If your accident wasn’t an emergency, you still need to seek medical attention either at a doctor’s office, hospital or urgent care.
Hospitals in Minneapolis:
Abbott Northwestern Hospital
800 E 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
University of Minnesota Medical Center, East Bank
Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, 500 SE Harvard St, Minneapolis, MN 55455
University of Minnesota Medical Center – Riverside Campus
U of M Medical Center, 2450 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454
Urgent care in Minneapolis:
HealthPartners Riverside Urgent Care – Minneapolis
2220 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454
Hennepin County Medical Center: Urgent Care
730 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404
University of Minnesota Health Nurse Practitioners–A UMPhysicians Clinic
814 S 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55415
After You Get Medical Attention
Once you’ve gotten the necessary medical attention and are on the mend, you need to think about what you want to do next. It’s likely you want to hold the negligent party accountable and plan on filing a personal injury suit. If that is your plan, we recommend you speak with an accident lawyer in Minneapolis before you talk to an insurance adjuster or the at-fault party.
Hire an Accident Attorney in Minnesota
There are many ways you can benefit from retaining an accident lawyer. For one, they can fully inform you of the laws and how they apply to your accident. Secondly, an attorney can file your demand letter and handle negotiations with insurance adjusters. Our network of lawyers will help you with all aspects of your accident claim and do whatever they can to recover the best settlement possible.
Accident Laws in Minnesota
Accident victims who want to file a personal injury claim need to be aware of statutes that apply to their accident claim.
Car accident claims- Minnesota is a no-fault insurance state so car accident claims that don’t involve more than $4,000 in medical costs, a serious or disfiguring injury or an injury that is permanent must file their claim with their insurer.
Dog bites- If you are attacked by a dog or other animal, the animal’s owner is responsible for your medical bills, and you aren’t required to prove that the attacking animal had a history of being aggressive.

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