If you were involved in an accident on a Minnesota state highway and you believe that the Minnesota Department of Transportation, MnDOT, is liable for the damage that your vehicle incurred, you do have the option of filing a claim directly with the department. In order for the MnDOT to take responsibility for the damage, negligence must have been displayed on part of the department. This means the department was aware of the condition that caused your accident and failed to take the necessary action to prevent an accident from occurring.
If you can prove the department is accountable for causing your vehicle damage, you should have any trouble recovering compensation, especially if you enlist the help of one of our Rochester, Minnesota accident attorneys to help you.
However, there are certain times where the MnDOT will not take responsibility for covering your damages. In most cases, the MnDOT will not cover:

  • Weather related events and conditions
  • Any damage your vehicle incurred that was caused by another motorist.
  • Unreported road debris or conditions
  • Your own negligent actions caused the accident resulting in damage.

Now, if the accident occurred because of a pothole, you will need to report the pothole first before trying to collect compensation from the department. You can click here to be directed to the appropriate page where you can report the pothole.
In the event you aren’t sure as to whether the department is required to cover your damages that your vehicle sustained from an accident, let one of our accident lawyers in Rochester, Minnesota assess the details of your incident. They can better guide you in the right direction and help you better understand the rights you have and the actions that need to be taken.
Sometimes, it isn’t easy to get the MnDOT to pay for your damages, even when they are liable. Therefore, you may want to consult with a lawyer recommended by USAttorneys.com if you are dealing with this particular circumstance.
It is also important that you keep in mind that you only have 180 days to file a claim from when the alleged accident occurred that caused your automobile to sustain damages.

Important resources for filing a claim against the Minnesota Department of Transportation

If you have questions regarding your claim, you can contact the Metro District Tort Claims Engineer. The current engineer is Julie C. Johnson or Merlin Kent. Their email information is provided below:

If you have general questions regarding tort claims and would like to speak with an employee from the MnDOT, you can contact:

  • Janelle Anderson, Tort Claims and Standards Engineer- 651-234-7388
  • Jolene Servatius, Tort Claims Specialist- 651-234-7378

In the event your accident occurred on a city or county road in Rochester, you will need to contact the following office regarding filing a claim.
2900 48th Street NW
Rochester, MN 55901-5848
Phone: 507-286-7500
Fax: 507-285-7355
Should you have any questions or concerns or are in need of some legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact USAttorneys.com. You can call us directly or submit a contact form online and one of our agents will reach out to you. Our accident lawyers in Rochester, Minnesota are skilled in various areas, including handling claims that are filed against the city.