Miramar Florida – Devastating Car Crash

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Tragedy struck a South Florida family in Miramar just days before Christmas when a devastating crash claimed the life of a pregnant mother and left her young son hospitalized. As new details emerge about the investigation into this heartbreaking incident, it becomes clear how crucial it is to seek justice. In such challenging times, finding a skilled accident lawyer becomes paramount to navigate the legal complexities and fight for your rights.


The collision occurred on December 19, at a shocking speed of over 100 mph, as 16-year-old Cristhian Gonzalez violently collided with the back of Cristina Hernandez’s car. Miramar Police Officer David Robbins reveals that Gonzalez was traveling at a mind-boggling 113.1 mph, equivalent to a staggering 166 feet per second. It was a tragic afternoon, merely six days away from Christmas, when Hernandez was picking up her 7-year-old son, Jacob, from school.


The aftermath of this catastrophic accident has left a grieving family seeking justice and answers. Anthony Estrada, Jacob’s father, recounts the heart-wrenching moment when he had to break the devastating news of his mother’s passing to the young boy. The pain felt by Estrada, who made the difficult choice to share this unimaginable truth, reverberated through their lives, leaving them shattered. The family’s agony is compounded by the fact that Hernandez was five weeks pregnant with their second child.


The circumstances surrounding this horrific incident only exacerbate the anguish. Police confirm that Gonzalez was driving under the influence of marijuana, and furthermore, he did not possess a valid driver’s license. Shockingly, the boy’s father was aware of these critical details yet still entrusted him with the keys to the car. As a result, the father himself now faces charges, deepening the despair experienced by Estrada and his family.


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In the wake of this devastating tragedy, the family of Cristina Hernandez is resolved to seek justice. Daymara Navarrete, the mother of the deceased, rightfully asserts that justice must be served, especially considering the irresponsible actions of those involved. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not hesitate to reach out to USAttorneys.com and find the accident lawyer who will fight relentlessly on your behalf.


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