Find Local Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyers and Accident Attorneys

At every stage of our day, there is the potential for an accident to happen and cause us harm. In many cases, someone else is at fault for an accident, and you have the option of holding that person or persons accountable for the expenses you incurred and the pain that you have endured.

Getting Medical Treatment

If you are involved in any accident, USAttorneys encourages you to get medical attention right away. Any delay in medical treatment can result in worse injuries and can jeopardize your claim. By not seeking medical treatment, you cast a shadow of doubt over your claim which could affect the final amount you are awarded.

Trauma Centers and Hospitals in Mississippi:

University of Mississippi Medical Center

2500 N State St.

Jackson, MS 39216

(601) 984-1000


Jefferson County Hospital

870 Main St.,

Fayette, MS 39069

(601) 786-3401
Central Mississippi Medical Center

1850 Chadwick Dr.

Jackson, MS 39204

Claims Against the Government

Sometimes an accident occurs on government property or is the fault of a local, state, or federal government employee. If you want to file a claim against any governmental entity, you need to be aware that the laws for such claims are very different from a standard accident claim.

Any injury claims filed against the Mississippi needs to filed with the State’s Attorney General Office within 90 days of the date the injury occurred.

What can An Accident Attorney Do for Me?

It can be costly to hire an attorney, so many people wonder: Why should I hire an accident lawyer? That’s a valid question. The main thing legal counsel can do for you is getting a better outcome for your case. Our team of attorneys are dedicated to resolving your case in a way that benefits you the most and won’t stop fighting for you until you get the settlement amount you deserve.

An accident attorney can:

Make sure you meet all filing deadlines

Speak with insurance companies, defendants, and their counsel

Conduct negotiations

Speak with expert witnesses

Determine the value of your claim

Investigations are Critical After Any Accident

A thorough accident investigation is critical to your case and will allow you to present a clear and convincing case. Our outstanding team of accident lawyers in Mississippi will:

Take photographs of the scene and your vehicle

Evaluate medical records and police reports

Interview witnesses

Consult with accident reconstruction and medical experts

Our exemplary team of accident lawyers is fully aware of the role an investigation plays in your case. Your case is unlikely to result in an optimal settlement if you haven’t retained an experienced attorney to build your injury claim.

Our accident attorneys in Mississippi can help you with personal injury or wrongful death claims for the following:

Traffic accident

Medical malpractice

Premises Liability

Nursing home neglect

Slip and Fall