In most instances, yes, you can, and you will want to speak with an accident lawyer who can explain the process you must follow in order to do so.

accident lawyers in Biloxi, MS

Despite how convenient and safe as public transportation might be, accidents involving buses, trains, and even vanpool vehicles still occur.

Millions and millions of U.S. citizens rely on public transportation to get to and from their destinations. Did you know that in 2017 alone, “Americans took 10.1 billion trips on public transportation [Source: American Public Transportation Association]? Each weekday, 34 million people board some form of public transportation, whether it is by bus, taxi, train, or airplane. Needless to say, public transportation has given many individuals the opportunity to get to work, school, and other locations without having to have or rely on their own vehicle.
Now, although “a person can reduce his or her chance of being in an accident by more than 90% simply by taking public transportation as opposed to commuting by car,” accidents involving these modes of transportation still occur and often leave the victims suffering from both physical and psychological injuries. And if you have been involved in an accident in Biloxi while riding some form of public transportation and are now looking to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained, a Biloxi, MS accident attorney is the professional who can help you with this.
To clarify, some other examples of what would constitute as public transportation aside from those mentioned above include:

  • Trollies
  • Ferries and water taxies
  • Monorails and tramways
  • Subways
  • Streetcars
  • Vanpool services
  • Paratransit for senior citizens


Who would I sue for the injuries I sustained while riding public transportation in Mississippi?

Cases involving public transportation tend to be some of the more difficult types of cases to deal with so it is important that you have a MS accident lawyer working with you, helping you each step of the way. Now, before you can file a lawsuit for your injuries, you first have to determine who was at fault for the accident. Was it the driver of the bus or taxi you were riding in or was another negligent motorist responsible for causing the crash? Were both parties partially liable for the incident? This is a very important question that must be addressed by someone who understands how to determine this and can identify the evidence to back up their claims.

accident attorneys in Biloxi, MS

Find out how much your personal injury lawsuit is worth by speaking with an accident lawyer today.

For instance, if you are claiming the bus driver was responsible for causing the accident which resulted in you along with other passengers suffering injuries, you will need to provide proof of their negligence. Once you can prove the bus driver was responsible for the wreck, then you can determine who it is that needs to be named as the defendant in the lawsuit. Given that the bus is operating as a form of public transportation, you may be able to bring your case against the city of Biloxi if that is where it occurred.
Something else you will need to determine is how much your injuries are worth. Again, this is something you will want help with and Biloxi, MS accident attorney Michael Hingle is the lawyer you want helping you. Determining what your injuries are worth might seem simple, but in order to recover the maximum amount you are entitled to, you do need a legal professional who can assess how the incident has impacted all areas of your life in order to derive at a fair and accurate amount.
Now, if you are ready to learn more about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Biloxi, MS for the injuries you sustained in an accident involving some form of public transportation, contact Michael Hingle & Associates, LLC today by calling 225-706-8402.
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