St. Louis, MO – Drivers may sometimes experience accidents where no other drivers are involved, or their vehicle may have suddenly malfunctioned, and fault is not easy to determine. However, it is still possible to file an insurance claim and possibly take legal action depending on the specific facts surrounding the collision. Some common causes of single vehicle accidents include problems with the vehicle’s operations due to faulty equipment, or unsafe road conditions caused by things like construction crews or weather. 

Products liability lawsuits

A large segment of civil lawsuits are dedicated to holding businesses accountable for injecting unsafe products into the stream of commerce. These items sold in an unsafe condition have the potential to cause injuries and other issues such as product recalls. Fortunately for accident victims, if there is evidence that a vehicle was improperly manufactured or designed, the car manufacturer may be sued and made to pay the victim’s damages in a civil lawsuit. 

Manufacturing or design defects are some of the most common reasons to bring a civil case against a business that produces cars. Many times, there can be problems on an assembly line, or with certain parts that do not function properly. The manufacturer may be strictly liable for not discovering these problems before items are sent to consumers for widespread use. One of the reasons that product liability exists is to ensure that companies invest in their own safety and testing procedures, before their products can potentially cause harm to the public. 

Motor vehicle accidents and proving negligence

Most civil cases that follow accidents will have to prove that some other party was negligent, and that their negligence was the cause of the collision. In a single vehicle accident, there will need to be some kind of evidence to associate the event with the actions of another person or entity, such as the business that built the car, or a person who created a road hazard. 

If a person or business is found to be at fault, there will be an inquiry into the amount of damages available for the victim. This is significant because it gives the victim’s attorney an opportunity to argue for losses associated with medical treatment, missed time from work, property damage, and other similar financial problems created by the defendant’s actions.  

Missouri has different negligence rules than every other state, but a lawyer who is licensed in Missouri can consult with accident victims to explain how the state’s negligence laws will factor into the specifics of an individual accident. 

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