Two well-known and promising young athletes from Missouri State have sustained injuries (one serious) after they were involved in a car crash that occurred on Sunday afternoon in the proximity of Columbia.

According to, the athletes have been identified as 21-year old defensive tackle – Harold Brantley, and Missouri Tigers women’s basketball player Maddie Stock. According to accident investigators, no other vehicle was involved in the crash. It was a single car accident that happened on Highway 63 with Brantley behind the wheel. Stock fared better than Brantley and reportedly only sustained a few minor injuries. She is said to make a quick and complete recuperation. Brantley on the other hand, is said to have been hurt more gravely.
No seatbelt!
According to police, Brantley was driving a Chrysler Concorde 2000 when he scraped the guard rail of the highway with the left side of the car. This caused the car to topple over at a considerable speed. Supposedly, none of them had been restrained by a seat belt at the time of the impact. Not even the most terrific car accident attorneys in Missouri on the site can understand why two college athletes with so much to live for would not have taken this action.
Harold Brantley had a fine season last year. He was one of Mizzou’s top returning defensive linesmen and had a commendable 54 tackles in the previous playing season. Stock, like Brantley, is an invaluable player for her team and played in all their games last season. She was honored with the all-metro player of the year in the past.
St. Louis, Missouri – bicyclist struck and killed by car
21-year old Timothy Canada succumbed to injuries sustained after a car ran him over as he was riding his bicycle on Page Boulevard and Euclid Avenue. Tragically, only eight months ago, a similar accident had taken the life of his mother who was struck by an out of control car driver as she was walking, as reported by

According to investigators, Canada was cycling in an easterly direction on Page Boulevard when he swerved into the west ward lanes and hit the side mirror of a car. As a result, Canada and his bicycle were thrown onto the westward lanes, and another car ran him and the cycle over. Both the drivers were female who remained at the spot after the accident.
Canada had only very recently been hired as a janitor in a non-profit organization and was very pleased with him according to friends and family. He lived with his girlfriend at his aunt’s house and was even helping his aunt fix up a place where she was going to open up a bar and restaurant.
Auto accident laws – Missouri
Auto accidents in Missouri are governed by comprehensive and exhaustive legislation. For all practical purposes, it is best to appoint or at least consult a St. Louis Missouri auto accident lawyer regarding any claims. However, it is also a good idea for all residents of the state to make themselves aware of some of the basic auto accident laws in the state.
It is vital to note that auto accidents are subjected to a statute of limitations in Missouri. This statute dictates that lawsuits should be filed within a maximum period of five years from the date of the accident. Filing after the time line has expired will result in the lawsuit being dismissed.
According to St. Louis Missouri accident attorneys, residents need to understand that Missouri is a comparative fault state when it comes to accidents. So for instance, if two people were involved in a car accident, and it was determined that one was 70% at fault for the crash, then the other would only have to pay for 30% of the damages.

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