As an injured employee in Columbia, Missouri you have the right to several different things in terms of medical treatment and other benefits.
Some of these include:

  1. The right to receive authorized medical treatment, prescriptions, and medical devices for the injuries you incurred in your work-related accident.
  2. The right to choose the treating physician to render the necessary care to mend your injuries, with some stipulations of course.
  3. Compensation for lost wages and disability.

Every accident is different and results in different types of injuries/conditions. Therefore, your rights as well as the benefits you are entitled to may vary from what another work-accident injury victim is receiving in Missouri. Our accident attorneys in Columbia, Missouri are extremely knowledgeable in work-related accident law and would be pleased to provide you with some useful information that might help you during this rough and confusing time.

What if I want to receive treatment from my own doctor for my work accident injuries?

After engaging in a work accident, you are expected to seek medical treatment for your injuries to help get them healed and you back working.
However, according to Missouri’s Department of Labor, your employer does have the right to choose the healthcare provider or treating physician who provides you with care. Sometimes, employers already have an established relationship with a specific health care provider and this is the physician they wish to use whenever an employee engages in an accident where they are responsible for providing the necessary benefits.
But, if you would like to have your treatments and care rendered by a physician of your choice, you can do so but at your own expense. This isn’t always the best route to take as many health insurance carriers have an exclusion clause that prohibits your from filing a claim for a work accident injury.
Now, in some instances, your employer and their insurance company with whom they have a policy with may authorize you to seek treatment from your own doctor. However, our accident lawyers in Columbia, Missouri would recommend you get this in writing to avoid having your employer turn around after treatment has been provided and deny your benefits.

Have more questions regarding your work accident?

No problem. We have agents readily available to take your call and connect you with a local Columbia, Missouri accident attorney nearest to you. You are entitled to a free consultation so perhaps this would be the best time to get all your questions answered. You might find that hiring a lawyer would truly benefit you while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits.
Missouri’s Department of Labor can also supply you with some valuable information in regards to how to get a claim filed if you haven’t yet done so as well as how to appeal an employer’s decision if you aren’t satisfied with how they handled your work accident claim. Sometimes employers are quick to file the necessary paperwork so an injured employee can begin receiving the medical treatment they need while other times, employers put it off causing you to wait before your benefits become active.