The high speeds associated with highway driving can result in serious accidents if drivers are not careful when traveling on these kinds of roads. This is especially true if someone is driving the wrong way or making other serious mistakes on a road with a high speed limit.
A serious crash on Highway 90 in Mobile, Alabama included a fire and turned fatal when one of the drivers was trapped in their car.
One driver dies in car fire and another is injured 
Police believe the incident happened on a Monday morning just after midnight. Two cars collided near the Fausak Tires store on Government Boulevard and Azalea Road. The driver of the vehicle that caught fire was trapped inside and could not be extracted in time due to the blaze. His body was burned beyond recognition. The other driver involved in the accident had to be taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries of unknown severity. Police had to block off part of Highway 90 while the area was cleared.

The accident most likely occurred due to the fact that the deceased driver was driving the wrong way in the westbound lanes on Government Boulevard. No information was released about the identity of either victim or if any traffic citations would be issued.
Damages after a fatal accident
When someone dies in an accident, there are a number of different types of non economic and economic damages which can be collected from the person or business at fault through a personal injury lawsuit.
When a car accident lawyer argues for non-economic damages, they essentially ask the jury to quantify emotion pain, suffering, and the trauma the victim and their family must endure into a number. This is why non-economic damages can vary so greatly. A jury usually has wide discretion to attempt to put a value on a permanent injury, diminished quality of life, or loss of life.
Economic damages are more tangible and related to losses that can be proven through various kinds of documentation. This might include the costs of a person’s lost wages, medical bills, hospitalization, property repairs, and other specific problems caused by the accident.
Accidents that result in the death of the victim
Deadly accidents also allow family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This means that a spouse or children who were financially dependent on the victim can receive the money in their place.
What is a lawyer’s job after an accident?
The attorney who represents the victim or their family can use their expertise and familiarity to provide the best possible result. In most cases, this will include a jury verdict or settlement agreement for an appropriate amount of money to compensate the victim. Lawyers are also advocates who ensure that their clients will receive a fair result despite the actions of the opposing attorney or imperfections in the judicial system.
Get help from a legal professional in Mobile
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