Multiple law enforcement agencies in Alabama worked together to investigate a deadly crash that left one teenage girl dead and injured two others. 

Head on crash leaves a great amount of devastation

A combination of State Troopers and Alabama Law Enforcement Agency members worked in concert to investigate a fatal multiple car accident. The collision involved four cars, and it happened on a Friday afternoon near the intersections of Schillinger Road and Tara Road near Tillman’s Corner. 

A car involved was going southbound on Schillinger Road when it was struck by a northbound car driven by a 21 year old male. Two other vehicles became caught up in the wreck shortly after this first impact. 

One victim was identified as an 18 year girl from Mobile. She died at around 5:30 pm that night. Authorities confirmed that she was wearing a seatbelt. Two other individuals, a 22 year old and a 41 year old male were also involved in the crash. They had to be rushed to University Hospital to be treated, but the report did not release any specifics about the extent of their injuries. The law enforcement agency was continuing to work to determine an exact cause and uncover more details about the accident.   

The teenage girl who was killed in the crash was a senior at local Theodore High School. She was approximately one week away from graduation at the time of her death. Other residents in the area had planned a vigil to honor her memory. Her school also made social media posts to spread awareness about the incident. 

Deadly accidents and lawsuits

All motor vehicle crash incidents allow a victim to attempt to bring a case against the person at fault. In most civil lawsuits, the plaintiff will ask for damages related to things like medical costs and lost earnings while they are out of work. When someone dies in the crash, the process is slightly different.

A civil case that is related to someone’s death is governed by each state’s wrongful death statute. This law says that a person is responsible for paying out damages to certain family members of the victim if they are found to be at fault for the fatal accident. In addition to other kinds of civil damages, there are funeral and burial costs available, as well as non-economic damages for emotional pain and suffering. It is best to get help from a legal professional shortly after an incident to determine the right course of action. 

Talk with a lawyer about your accident

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