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Motorists involved in a head-on collision in Mobile are 27 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury.

Mobile, AL- Any traffic accident has the potential be deadly, but some crashes carry greater risks than others. One of the deadliest car crashes an Alabama motorist can be involved in on the road is a head-on or wrong-way crash, as demonstrated by a recent wreck in Mobile County.
Head-on Crash in Mobile County
Police in Saraland told WKRG News that crash occurred on Highway 45 near Smithstown Road around 7:30 a.m. They are unsure what caused the accident and continue investigating.
Local TV-15 reports that both drivers were already deceased when emergency crews arrived on the scene. There were no other occupants of either car. The TV station also reports that the wreck tied up both directions of the two-lane highway for several hours.
Why Are Head-on Crashes So Lethal?
There are a plethora of reasons why a head-on collision is so dangerous. When two vehicles hit head-on, the force of the crash is concentrated on the front of the vehicle where all the weight is. If a motorist is driving at high speed, which is typical for head-on collisions on the highway, the impact of a head-on can result in deadly injuries.
The primary causes of frontal crashes include distraction, drowsiness, drunken or drugged driving, passing errors, and entering a highway going the wrong way. In the aftermath of a head-on crash, it is often unclear which driver is responsible for causing the crash, but identifying the liable driver is not always easy.
Most head-on crashes occur on rural highways data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency notes that just 21 percent of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, but 75 percent of head-on crashes occur on rural highways.
Consult with an Accident Attorney in Mobile

If a negligent driver harms you or someone you love, an accident attorney in Mobile will ensure you are are fairly compensated.

Whether you are in a head-on crash, drunken driving accident, or bus crash, if you are hurt, you need to consult with an accident lawyer in Mobile. A lawyer will begin investigating your accident so they can identify who was at fault and hold that person accountable. recommends you contact an accident lawyer in Mobile, Alabama. Let them examine the details for your case and explain what options will allow you to cover maximum compensation.
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