Monroe Girl, 8, Saves Great-Grandfather After Terrifying Four-Wheeler Accident

MONROE, La. – In an incident that has left the local community both shaken and inspired, an 8-year-old Louisiana girl is being lauded for her quick thinking and bravery. Alli Glass is credited with saving her great-grandfather’s life following a late-night four-wheeling accident.

A Nighttime Adventure Turns Tragic

Jesse Glass, 83, and his great-granddaughter, Alli, were heading out for a spot of bullfrog hunting shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday night. However, the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that their four-wheeler accidentally crashed into a small canal, a mistake that could have ended fatally.

Thinking he was on the trail, Jesse said, “I saw that opening. It was the canal.” The accident resulted in the vehicle tipping over, trapping the elderly man underwater and unable to breathe.

Alli’s Act of Bravery

Despite her fear, Alli knew that time was of the essence. With her great-grandfather pinned under the vehicle, she mustered the strength to pull him up enough for him to catch his breath. She recalled, “I knew that he was old, so I just picked him up. I mean, I was pumping on adrenaline… so, I could pick him up, I guess.”

Deputies said the 8-year-old then ran over half a mile back home, barefoot with her shoes in one hand and a flashlight in the other, to alert the family and call for help.

Following the incident, Jesse acknowledged that his young great-granddaughter likely saved his life. Her heroic actions earned her a badge and the title of honorary sheriff’s deputy in Franklin Parish.

Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb lauded Alli’s quick thinking and bravery, thanking her for her courage.

Community Pride and Family Gratitude

Alli’s family expressed immense pride in her ability to stay calm and act swiftly in a dire situation. The 8-year-old insisted, however, that her actions were not for recognition but were driven by a simple principle: “If it’s family, you should always intervene – or friends, doesn’t matter.”

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In Conclusion

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