Monroe, Louisiana, Information to Gather at the Accident Scene

The last thing victims of an accident have on their minds right after getting hit by a vehicle is the legalities of their current situation. If a person is part of a very intense collision, they will likely need a lot of time to heal and recover before they can go ahead with filing a claim to cover their losses. However, the financial loss a person suffers at the hands of the other through medical bills and property damage generally bring victims back to reality a lot quicker.

At this point, when a person is in dire need of help and a settlement offer is granted, most victims make the dive and go forward with this agreement, even if it is not enough to cover their expenses. Victims sign the initial agreement believing this is the best they can get. However, no one should ever sign any agreement without having an accident lawyer assist them first.

A qualified attorney will help them understand their rights so they know what legal route to pursue so they can negotiate a larger claim. The point of receiving compensation from the opposing party is to cover all the harm and damage that they caused. To ensure that a person gets the most out of their claim, a person should make sure they collect as much evidence as possible.

It works best if a person starts collecting evidence right after the collision. Some pieces of evidence they should try to collect include:

  • The names of everyone involved
  • The address and phone numbers of everyone involved
  • The contact numbers of any witnesses nearby
  • The license plate numbers of all vehicles involved
  • Pictures of the scene of the collision
  • Videos of the scene of the collision
  • Records of the street conditions at the time of the accident
  • Records of the weather conditions at the time of the accident

The more evidence a person has, the easier it will be for them to file a successful claim.

When should an attorney be contacted after a car accident in Monroe, Louisiana?

The sooner a person calls their lawyer, the better it is for their case. Some individuals make the mistake of hiring an attorney later on in their case because they think this will help them save money. However, it cannot be emphasized enough that a person should call a lawyer right away before they say something to make a move that could make their case turn against their favor.

The legal world is complex, and a lawyer can help a person understand where they stand and what they can practically expect to receive based on their situation.

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