Billings, MT – Every state in the U.S. has some kind of car insurance requirements that are mandated by law and meant to help pay for damage caused by motor vehicle collisions. The necessity to pay into insurance policies makes driving more expensive, but it also helps avoid situations where drivers or accident victims suddenly have to pay large amounts for medical treatment or property repairs. Despite the fact that all drivers are required to have coverage, some accident victims may still need to get help from an attorney and file a lawsuit to cover the costs of their injuries. 

Liability requirements listed under state law

State law has declared that all drivers in Montana should have certain minimum liability coverage amounts. Any driver must have a minimum of $25,000 of coverage for bodily injuries for each person, at least $50,000 total coverage for situations where several people are hurt in an accident, along with $20,000 worth of property damage coverage. One of the reasons for these amounts is to ensure that minor or moderate accidents are likely to be covered by the payouts from insurance claims, without the victims having to resort to other means to get paid for their losses. Drivers will often add things like collision and comprehensive coverage to their policy to coverage damage to their vehicle. However, the driver will still have to pay a deductible before their coverage will pay for these types of losses. 

Penalties for not having insurance

Law enforcement can issue traffic citations or even a criminal misdemeanor for drivers who do not meet these requirements in Montana. When a driver gets into an accident or gets pulled over, they need to show proof of insurance to the police. There is also a state database that most police will use to determine whether a driver is actually covered or not, and to help prevent fraud. 

The shortcomings of insurance claims and the possibility of lawsuits

When a driver files an insurance claim, it can be difficult to predict exactly how much money their provider will pay out. An adjuster may review the damage and the company will come up with a dollar amount that seems reasonable based on the policy and specific damage. However, some people who are seriously hurt will certainly need more than the state’s mandated $25,000 worth of coverage to treat their injuries. In these situations, a personal injury lawsuit may be the only option left to help pay for hospitalization and long term care. 

Finding out if a lawsuit or other legal action is necessary is a web directory of legal professionals organized by state and practice area. Accident victims who were hurt in Billings or any other city can use the site to locate a local legal professional.