Motor vehicle accidents are a regular occurrence in Pinellas County

What happens when there are three cars involved in an accident in Fort Walton Beach, Florida?

Clearwater, FL – Pinellas County has issues with traffic and congestion like all other major metro areas in the state of Florida. A significant amount of cars on the roads also increases the likelihood of collisions and other incidents. Individuals who are harmed in serious accidents will want to use the services of an experienced attorney to get help paying for their expenses. This is recommended even if there is a relevant auto insurance policy in place, as insurance does not usually cover high costs associated with serious medical problems.  

Information about local car collisions

The Florida Department of Transportation maintains various kinds of records related to accidents and motor vehicle incident reports. Anyone who needs a copy of an accident report has the option of obtaining one directly from the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. There is also statewide crash data collected for a number of reasons. This is used in public statistics, and the department of transportation also uses such data to try to make the state’s roads safer and recommend improvements for various high traffic and collision dense areas. The state legislature also has the option of budgeting funds for these purposes based on the available data. 

Individual accident reports can also become a crucial piece of evidence during accident lawsuits and settlement talks. The document will state basic facts about the collision, as well as an opinion from a traffic officer regarding how the collision likely happened and which party may be at fault. 

Lawsuits following an accident

When someone has been hurt in a motor vehicle collision, their life can change suddenly. Things like long term or permanent medical care can cost large sums of money, and the victim also may not be able to return to work for a significant period of time. It is very unlikely that the person can afford to pay for all of these healthcare costs while not working. These financial concerns are what make a personal injury lawsuit necessary.

The victim can file a civil case against the person or business responsible for their injuries and argue that they should have to pay an amount of damages relative to their losses. In addition to medical costs, there can be an argument for non-economic damages that will pay for mental health issues and physical pain caused by a traumatic accident. While many of these cases end with settlement agreements, it is possible that there will need to be a trial to decide fault, damages, and related issues.   

Collision lawyers in Florida

Anyone who needs assistance from an accident attorney in Clearwater or other parts of Pinellas County can use the directory on USAttorneys.com. The site contains easy to use listings of lawyers based on practice area and location.