A motorcycle accident occurred on Highway 58 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the Chattanooga police traffic division responded to it. As per authorities, the auto accident that occurred was between a Suzuki motorcycle and a Chevrolet Sedan.
As reported by wdef.com, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the vehicle accident. The deceased has been identified as 38 year old Sean Oglesby.
As per witnesses, the driver of the Chevrolet Sedan was attempting to make a left near the First Volunteer Bank building when he turned into the path of the motorcycle. There was not enough room or time for the motorcyclist to slow down and stop and the motorcycle ended up t-boning the Sedan. The driver of the sedan has been identified as 90 year old Edward Wheeler.
The collision caused the sedan to become crushed and the passenger, identified as 89 year old Winifred Wheeler, had to be extricated from the mangled debris of the Chevrolet. Her condition was said to be crucial yet stable. Some people just do not know when to enough is enough. Why keep driving when you are putting other people in danger?
Should we have a special test for drivers after they reach a certain age, such as 75? That is question to be raised.
Mr. Wheeler escaped without any substantial injuries, but was transported to the hospital for a medical evaluation anyway considering his age. The police report can play a vital role in establishing liability according to stellar and amazing legal pros that are on this site here.
You are just a few clicks away from changing your life for the better. USAttorneys.com helps people dig themselves out of the mess someone else or perhaps themselves put themselves in. This is America, you have a shot here. If someone was negligent on the road and put you or your loved one in a terrible state, you have the right to do something about this.
This is where an attorney should enter your life. It looks like Sean Oglesby’s family has the right to go after the insurance company of the Wheelers. You cannot just pull in front of other people on the road.
Truck crash in Chattanooga causes delays on Interstate-24
An accident in which a Dixie produce truck which was travelling in a westerly direction on I-24 in the proximity of the Fourth Avenue exit resulted in traffic jams and delays in the westbound lanes of I-24 for several hours as per reports coming in from authorities.
According to chattanoogan.com, the accident occurred a couple hours after noon, and it left the Dixie produce truck toppled onto its side. Supposedly, there was another auto accident which occurred just a few moments after the first one.
In order to clear up the westbound lanes of the debris and the toppled produce truck, as many as six tow truck had to be called to the accident site and this further added to the clogging and delay say witnesses. The wreck was only finally cleared up at around 6 pm.
Accident in Summer County – Deputy, paramedic, and firefighter hit
A deputy and an emergency medical service worker both sustained injuries after they were hit by a vehicle while they were on the scene of an accident providing assistance.
Thankfully, the injuries are not of a life threatening nature and they are both expected to make a full recovery. The accident site was in Hendersonville and the two injured were transported to Skyline Hospital, according to a Fox News report.
You have to be careful driving when near any accident scene.
How to find and secure legal help
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It is time to make the other party pay for this!

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