West Palm Beach, FL – There are a number of reasons why riding a motorcycle is a high risk activity in Florida. The vehicles are smaller and often overlooked by drivers of cars and trucks, there are less safety features on a motorcycle than a standard car, and sudden inclement weather can make it difficult for a cyclist to see where they are going. For these reasons, it is important for a victim to get legal help after a serious injury caused by a motorcycle collision

The most likely injuries after a motorcycle crash

Head trauma such as concussions and traumatic brain injury is common after a collision because the motorcyclist has only a helmet to protect them, although some drivers can choose to ride without a helmet legally as well. If the victim’s head experiences any trauma due to the impact with the road surface or other vehicles, their life can be changed in an instant. Head injuries can cause memory loss, emotional and mood regulation problems, insomnia, and other mental health issues. 

Muscle tissues can be permanently damaged due the body’s impact with the road. This may result in decreased mobility and even bones beneath the muscle tissue being fractured. Victims with broken bones and muscle damage may not be able to work or move as normal until the injury heals months later. If the driver slides on the pavement and experiences road rash, the skin and nerves above the muscle tissue can be permanently damaged as well. 

Compensation for injuries

Various injuries will result in high medical and healthcare costs, as well as other financial losses associated with treatment and time away from work. Accident victims can consult with their attorney to determine the exact value of their economic damages and how to best prepare for a lawsuit. 

Motorcycle collisions that are caused by an intoxicated driver

All of these injuries can be exacerbated if a drunk driver collides with a cyclist. If the defendant is charged in criminal court as well for driving under the influence, they can still be sued in civil court by the victim for monetary compensation regardless of the disposition of the criminal case. There may also be punitive damages available for the victim if the plaintiff’s attorney can prove that the defendant’s actions while driving under the influence would count as either intentional misconduct or gross negligence. 

Consultations to discuss an accident

Anyone who needs more information about motorcycle accidents and other forms of personal injury law in West Palm Beach can speak with an attorney from an experienced firm. Smith and Vanture is the accident and injury law firm that local clients can trust. 

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