Nampa, Idaho, Should the Insurance Company be Contacted Right After an Accident?

There are numerous questions that will arise after a person gets into an accident, and it can be very overwhelming to find oneself in such a situation. Once a person gets into any sort of accident, their first response should be to seek professional legal assistance so they remain at the top of their case and so they are not unfairly taken advantage of. However, most people do not take this step, and instead, they make the mistake of speaking to the insurance company themselves right away. Often, it is the insurance company who contacts them on their own, and this results in very serious consequences because a person is unable to communicate with them properly and this leads to one claim amount being reduced.

The insurance company must be contacted after a collision, but a person should make sure they speak to a lawyer first or they will end up complicating matters without need. A lawyer will instruct them on what they should say and will also inform them of how much their damages are actually worth, so they are not tempted to agree to a lesser offer. Though it is vital that a person honors their contract, and they speak to their insurance company as soon as possible after a collision, the victim must first make sure they get the required medical care and that they get thorough legal advice before giving any recorded statements.

These initial steps must be taken swiftly because if a person takes too long to file their claim, the company will get an excuse to create doubt in the claim. The first call that a person makes to the insurance company will be short and will simply involve stating facts about the collision. No one should ever give a recorded statement or sign anything in this phase. Remember to keep in mind that the adjuster is looking for any statement they can use against a person to reduce their claim amount, so the less a person speaks and the more to the facts a person sticks to, the less their chances are of giving the company something they can use against them.

When will the Liable Driver Pay for the Damages of an Accident in Nampa, Idaho?

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will pay a person at the end of the claim when an agreement is made. Sometimes, healthcare providers are willing to wait until a person receives their settlement to take payment for their medical services.

Anyone who is injured in an accident should speak to an accident lawyer at the Law Office of Johnson and Lundgreen as soon as possible so they get the assistance they need to get compensated.

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