In some situations, careless drivers can cause a great deal of harm to themselves or others on the road. If you are a victim of one of these drivers, civil lawsuits can assist with your expenses.

A young driver was killed in an accident on Interstate 24 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Police find the driver dead on arrival after a single vehicle collision

The victim was driving his Chrysler 200 vehicle westbound on Interstate 20 near the Interstate 40 interchange just outside of Nashville. Police believe that around 8:30pm, he went into the center median and struck a light pole. The 19 year old male victim was wearing a seat belt, but he died at the scene shortly after emergency crews arrived. 

Police did not find any evidence of drug use or drunk driving in or around the vehicle. A witness did tell rescue workers on the scene that the victim appeared to be speeding in the moments before the crash. 

Fatal accidents and the Tennessee wrongful death law

If someone dies in an accident, it is possible for their family to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased person. Tennessee has certain requirements in their wrongful death statute regarding who can bring this case and when it must be filed. 

According to the Tennessee state statute, only a deceased person’s surviving spouse or child can bring the action. If neither of these parties are available, a parent can bring the action on behalf of the estate. There is also a very short time frame, as the action must be brought within one year of when the person has died. Like most civil lawsuits, the plaintiff must show that negligent or reckless conduct of the defendant was the actual cause of the victim’s death. The statute allows for various types of compensation, including burial and funeral expenses, medical treatment, loss of financial support and companionship, and the mental trauma of the surviving family members. 

Traffic violations and civil lawsuits

This news report mentions speeding being a factor, as well as the possibility of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In civil cases, these kinds of behaviors can be used by the plaintiff as evidence of the defendant’s negligence and to show that they breached the standard duty of care on the roads. While the plaintiff’s personal injury attorney still must prove all four elements of the civil negligence case, these factors can be beneficial and may persuade the defendant to agree to a settlement rather than risking a large jury verdict. 

Get help from a local lawyer in Tennessee after a crash

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