Omaha, NE – Because motor vehicle accidents are so common, states have created various laws and safety regulations to minimize the possibility of collisions, or keep drivers safe when an accident has happened. Nebraska and most other states have adopted guidelines related to seat belt use for this reason. 

However, it is still likely that there will be injuries and other losses if the accident is severe. Anyone who was involved in an accident can explore their legal options by speaking with a local attorney. 

Department of Transportation summary

Nebraska’s Department of Transportation has summarized the state’s seat belt law. The law says that the driver, front seat passengers, and any minors in the vehicle must wear a seat belt at all times. When the driver only has a learner’s permit rather than a standard driver’s license, all occupants of the vehicle must wear seat belts. State law considers this a secondary offense, which means that the driver must be stopped for a reason other than violating the seat belt law to be given a citation. The $25 fine for these violations will be assessed against the driver only.

The law uses the terminology occupant protection system to refer to seat belts and various safety restraints that are designed for young children, also known as car seats. 

Drivers may also face insurance consequences, such as increased rates, if they are given citations for violating the seat belt law and other traffic regulations. 

Injuries associated with accidents

While state governments encourage the use of seatbelts because they have been shown to minimize the severity of accidents, it is still possible for injuries to occur even when the driver and occupants are properly secured and following all relevant laws. In situations where there are high speeds present or large differences in the sizes of vehicles, this increases the likelihood that serious and life changing injuries will occur during a collision. Anyone who has sustained injuries may need to look into getting help from an injury attorney if it appears that their insurance coverage will be insufficient to solve all of their problems.

The initial meeting with an injury lawyer

The victim can visit the attorney and share some basic information about when and where the accident happened, and the resulting injuries. If the parties agree on representation, the lawyer can summarize all of the victim’s losses and ask for these amounts as damages at the conclusion of a civil lawsuit. If successful, this will include medical costs, lost wages, and other financial losses caused by the person or business responsible for the collision. 

Finding information to contact a local lawyer is available to anyone who wants to get more information about the process of filing a lawsuit. Users can find a lawyer in the Omaha area who focuses on the types of issues they are facing.