Getting into a serious accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if a person suffers from permanent injuries or if someone loses their life during the accident. The entire experience can be even more difficult to deal with on an emotional level if the accident was one’s own fault. Whether the collision was the fault of one’s negligence or the carelessness of another driver, anyone who gets into such a situation should connect with an accident lawyer as soon as possible.

One should make sure to speak with their lawyer before they even speak with their insurance company if they want to make sure they are not taken advantage of and given a lower offer. Having an attorney by one’s side directly from the beginning of a case can also be beneficial because the lawyer will inform a person of what they should do and what they should avoid doing to ensure no unnecessary liability is put on them for the accident.

Drivers are required to fill out a Driver’s Motor Vehicle Accident Report within 10 days of the collision  if the collision resulted in any injuries, death, or more than $1000 in damage. In convincing the other driver to pay the correct amount of compensation and they can negotiate with the insurer until a decent amount is agreed on. A person is entitled to receive as many damages as they suffered, so the more serious their injuries or the more serious the damage to their vehicle was, the more they will be allowed to claim.

Who pays for the damages after a car accident in Nebraska?

Since Nebraska follows the fault system when it comes to auto collisions, the individual who is at fault must pay for the damages. The victim of an accident can either claim with their own insurance company, claim with the other driver’s insurance company, or file a lawsuit. A lawsuit is often not necessary and smaller collisions are usually resolved with a settlement process and an agreement between both the drivers. When a person files their insurance claim they will have to submit paperwork and evidence. If the insurer does not give a fair amount of settlement, a person must go to a claim’s adjuster and request for assistance.

An attorney can help a person get the legal assistance they need to make sure everything goes through smoothly and there are no unnecessary problems later down the road. If everything is documented properly the first time and taken care of appropriately the first time, there are exceptionally low chances of legal issues coming up later.