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Scott Gragson, a well-known businessman in Nevada, has settled with the family of Melissa Newton, the mother of three who was killed in an accident he caused [Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal]. It was back in May 2019 when Gragson says he attended a charity golf event where he consumed “four to five mixed drinks” and Coors beer. After leaving the event, Gragson pulled up to the security gate of The Ridges community.

The news source says Gragson told the guard to let him and those behind him in as they were attending an after-party. He then “accelerated south on Granite Ridge Drive at a high rate of speed” and that is when he crashed into Newton’s SUV. Police were called to the scene at around 4:50 p.m. on May 30th at the intersection of Granite Ridge and Grey Feather drives.

While Newton did not survive the incident, the three other passengers traveling with her did, however, they all suffered injuries. After the accident, Gragson was arrested and the source cited that the first blood draw, which was taken three hours after the crash, revealed that his blood alcohol content (BAC) level was 0.147 percent, which is nearly twice the legal limit. Gragson later plead guilty to one count of DUI resulting in death and one count of DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm. While prosecutors are pushing for Gragson to serve at least 10 years behind bars, the source says his attorneys are planning on asking the judge for a six-year sentence.


Lawsuits are Filed


Aside from being faced with jail time, Gragson was also sued by Newton’s family as well as all the occupants that were inside the SUV. While Gragson reached a settlement with two of the occupants before he plead guilty, he recently settled the lawsuit filed by Newton’s family. Gragson has agreed to pay the family a total of $21 million. Gragson will be responsible for paying $12.8 million while his insurance company will pay the remaining $8.2 million.

During the hearing, Gragson said “he would accept responsibility by working to financially settle with all of those impacted” and that he “accomplished that with nearly everyone.” Gragson is expected back in court in September for trial for the lawsuit that was filed by the third passenger.

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