Las Vegas, NV – Cars have a number of different safety features that are meant to minimize the possibility of serious injuries and other problems caused by motor vehicle accidents. Every state in the U.S., including Nevada, has created some kind of law related to seat belt use to ensure driver and passenger safety. While utilizing these safety features can help avoid injuries and fatalities, an injury lawsuit may still be necessary for accident victims to have their costs covered. 

State laws for using seat belts and child restraints

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has passed laws that require almost all people riding in cars to wear seat belts, and young children must be in an approved car seat. The statute says that driving or riding in any motor vehicle without a seat belt can result in fines. There are some rare excuses to not wear a seat belt, such as for documented medical reasons, but these exceptions will not apply to most people and all drivers and passengers should assume that they need to buckle up. 

Violators can receive a $25 fine, but they will not receive demerit points that count against their license privileges. A seat belt violation is also considered a secondary offense in Nevada, meaning that the driver must be stopped for another traffic offense to receive a citation for not wearing a seat belt. Offenses for not having a child properly secured in the vehicle can carry a fine of up to $500 and fifty community service hours. Outstanding traffic tickets can also result in a bench warrant to be issued, which means that person will be arrested and have to face a judge if law enforcement comes into contact with them and sees the open warrant. 

Lawsuits after a collision that results in injuries

Drivers and passengers may be harmed by others on the roads who were not driving carefully, even if they were wearing seat belts and following all applicable safety laws. Victims should explore the possibility of a civil accident lawsuit, even if they have auto insurance coverage. It is common for the medical costs associated with an accident and lost income and wages to exceed what an auto insurance claim will cover. A civil lawsuit is often the only way for victims to be paid large enough amounts to cover the losses associated with a serious car collision

Talking with a local personal injury lawyer

Accident victims have the option of getting legal advice from an experienced firm in the Las Vegas area. Southwest Injury Law is available to consult with local accident victims and provide more information about lawsuits and compensation. 

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